One Of My Most Important Posts

Thin Leaves

NAVAJO LAKE SP, NM—It’s been almost exactly three years since I wrote this post, but I still think it’s one of my most important ones (though by the lack of comments, maybe most people aren’t ready for it).

There really isn’t any “you.” “You” are just a collection of thoughts that are being perceived.

Do zero apples equal zero oranges?

Do zero apples have any boundaries, borders, definitions?

Zero “you’s” is exactly equal to zero “me’s”.

What perceives your thoughts has no boundaries, no borders, no definitions—yet it is aware.

What sees out my eyes, sees out yours.

What perceives my thoughts, perceives yours.

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14 thoughts on “One Of My Most Important Posts

  1. Wayne – any suggestions as to how to go about getting to experience this sense of perception – this realization that we all have consciousness from the same source?

    Are your visualization meditations (such as ‘The Three Enlightenments’, which I have) a key?

  2. All Being is Love. Everything in Form is Love. The Formless which holds the Form is also Love. Everything in Form is moving and changing. The Formless does not move and change—but is the source which holds the movement and change. Form sprung from formless. Form is emitted from formless. Form disappears into Formless in constant new expressions of Love.

    I am the Formless Love projecting the idea of Form-Love onto Myself so that I may ‘experience’ Myself as Love in Action. The woman called ‘Frankie’ is just one of countless expressions of My Love. She is a window– a tiny point of perception in the Creation of Love– a Unique expression of What I truly Am having one-of-a-kind experiences of My Love.

    There is only One Love– One Awareness– but countless forms.

  3. Echhart Tolle talks about his moment of awareness coming as he contemplated suicide – ” I can’t stand to live with myself.” And once you know what “I” is and what “myself” is and know that they are not the same you are ready for awareness.

  4. Wayne, when something as profound as you have written is perceived, at lease in my case, a stillness presents itself, recognizing itself in what you’ve said, and simply nods quietly with an unspoken, “Ahhh”.

    Zero comments equals zero unbridled expressions of appreciation.

    Thank you once again for so genuinely reflecting what we are so that we can more clearly see ourselves.

  5. Wayne Dyer expressed it well in describing how we are all “one”. You may use the word “God” here however you wish – ‘universe’, ‘buddha’, ‘spirit’ – it is a symbol for a Higher Power.
    “Wayne Dyer moves you from thinking that you are a small piece of God to thinking that you are God. All our lives we have been taught that God is a being outside of us that will punish those who don’t follow his word. Wayne paints a picture of how everyone can be God if they live a life from pure love. Another analogy Wayne uses is to think of God as the ocean and yourself as a bucket of water from the ocean. Whether it is the whole ocean or a small part of the ocean, it is still the ocean.”

  6. GOD! I just don’t get it and it pisses me off to no end! So damn sick of not understanding this shit! Excuse my language…just really tired of it 🙁

  7. Laurie, don’t want this to add to your frustration – here’s my humble suggestion, it’s a process not an event so you might want to not “try to get it” rather, let “it” get you. I think you make it easier for “it” to get you when you do less “doing” and try just “being.”

  8. I`m not sure if the “I” is just a collection of thoughts. I feel like the “I” is a lot more than that. This “ego” that blurs our consciousness is a form of energy of which thoughts are just a superficial layer, just an expression of it. I have many moments when I`m thoughtless and still I can feel a presence waiting in the background for me to start thinking again for it to take control. Anyway, this is just my experience I guess and very likely you or others experience it different. At where I am right now, if the “I” (the ego) was just thoughts it would be easier for me to release it.

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