One Of Those Days

Stuck Truck

OASIS SP, NM—Yesterday, I got the truck stuck in the sand. Anything I did just made it worse, just made the hole deeper.

There was no phone service.

There was no Internet.

But it was in a state park, so there was no danger either.

I used my truck jack to lift the trailer up so I could block it and level it (a large tilt will kill the refrigerator), and set up camp.

This morning, I went to the park’s visitor center and called for a tow. He got my truck out, then got stuck himself. We managed to get him free but that left me with the problem of getting my trailer out of there without getting re-stuck.

The ranger then called a friend of hers who had a big four wheel drive and he just slid right in there, pulled the trailer out and set me up in a new site. He didn’t even want anything for it (but I tipped him well).

The ranger, feeling guilty for all my troubles and not thinking of calling her friend first, upgraded my site (the NM park pass is free for no-hookups) and said I could stay as long as I wanted.

With the full hookup site, my A/C is keeping me cool in this really hot weather, and I even have Internet up here on the hill.

Still no phone, but I can live with that.

What did I learn from all this?

  • When you live as a Soul, strangers are really amazed at how carefree you are about “serious problems.”
  • Everything has to work out (eventually).
  • When you start to get stuck: stop, turn off the engine, jack up the wheels, and put your RV leveling blocks under your tires for traction.
  • My next truck will have four wheel drive.

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7 thoughts on “One Of Those Days

  1. Excellent. Getting upset over life’s vicissitudes is foolish. Every path leads somewhere.

    And look how everything turned out! If you hadn’t gotten stuck, you wouldn’t have gotten free A/C.


  2. Oh Wayne, I love that you were able to live carefree through this. So many times we “humans” tend to react as tho things are serious or dangerous, when truly they are not. Bravo and kudos – to you and the people that helped you. Blessings abound.

    Your statement, “When you start to get stuck: stop, turn off the engine,” applies to a lot of things, doesn’t it? 😉


  3. I can’t help but think that somewhere, on a rarely visited blog, is a post about the enlightenment they received as a result of your situation and calm, cool collectedness…

    Our experiences are often better lessons for other observers.

  4. hi wayne, i recently found you on youtube & i really like what you have to say. for the phone, do you know about magicJack? i use 1, & it works great. just $30 a year. it goes in your usb port & you take it wherever you take your computer. i use it with hardwired internet though, so i’m not totally sure it works as well with wireless internet.

  5. Thank you! I needed that reminder and the “Deja Vu”. The same thing happened to us 30 years ago approaching a beach campsite, half way down Baja. Our truck got stuck in the sand, . . nice young refugees from war torn El Salvador pulled us out with their truck, they got stuck, we got them un stuck. and they came back later to our campsite to give us two lobsters for dinner. A very fond memory. No phone, no internet, because they didn’t exist then :o) But Divine Intervention did, and does. Thank you for the reminder. :o)

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