Sometimes She Bites

Out My Window

Chewacla SP, Auburn, AL—I’ve often said, “The less there is of me, the more there is of Her.” Often, for people who are physically near me, they pick up on Her energy (I know how pompous that sounds, but it is what it is). For some, She hugs them and they reap Her benefits—my mother, one of my former students—but for others, sometimes She’s a little more… forceful.

Sometimes She bites.

More below the break (What does “more below the break” mean?).

Though the following events happened a few weeks ago, I didn’t feel I could talk about them because the wounds were just too fresh and raw for my friend, Jim, to handle.

While I was camped in Ocala, Jim—the guy I write software for—came up for a brainstorming session. The meeting though, quickly devolved into a “confessional” of his worries and doubts about the direction and evolution of his business. He’s risking a lot, practically everything he owns (owned) on this idea, so naturally he’s stressed. Who wouldn’t be?

Somewhere in our conversation, somewhere toward the end of our “meeting,” She said—and for the life of me I don’t remember why this popped out of my mouth—She said to him, “There is only one thing in this entire Universe which is permanent, and whatever it is you are clinging to, that ain’t it.”

He looked at me a little confused and said, “Yeah, what’s that?,” but then he realized I was talking about Her and, since he thinks I’m kind of crazy, well, that was the end of it.

About a week later, at two in the morning on Christmas Eve, a rat in his attic chewed through an electric wire and his million dollar house burned to the ground.

That evening, after he was released from the hospital for smoke inhalation, he took what few valuables remained and locked them in the only part of the house to survive the fire, his garage.

That night, someone broke into his garage and stole what little he had left.

When I heard of these events, my first thought was, “She just set him free,” but Jim’s not particularly spiritual (though after this, I suspect he’s getting that way), so I didn’t blurt that out—at least not right away.

But besides the, what?, miracle of Her premonition/warning, there was another truly astonishing miracle: Just days prior to the fire, Jim had started sleeping with his bedroom door closed. He did this because his four little Yorkies had started peeing in the house at night—so he started locking them inside the bedroom with him.

If that door hadn’t been closed, not only would the dogs probably have died—they all survived the fire because they were with him—but most likely Jim would have died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

He lost practically everything he owned.

His insurance company will probably give him a nice, fat check.

He’s got a clean slate.

He’s got his freedom.

He’s starting to see the advantages of a simple, uncluttered life.

He’s even started looking at RVs—of going nomad.

God/She works in mysterious ways. Most of the time—if you are open to Her—She’ll hug you.

But sometimes—if you’re stubborn (see practically all of 2010 for me)—She’s going to bite.

“There is only one thing in this entire Universe which is permanent, and whatever it is you are clinging to, that ain’t it.”

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