Stuck Again

Stuck Truck

ELEPHANT BUTTE LAKE SP, NM—This morning, I had one of those feelings again and I didn’t listen to it. Well, I’m stuck again. One of the camp host volunteers said the road to the Three Sisters camp area was “pretty good”, but as I got about half way down I said, “No way” and turned around as soon as I found a spot.

Apparently though, I took a wrong turn on my way back out, and seeing tire tracks and thinking I made it this way before, proceeded to get stuck in the soft sand even though I was driving fast to avoid it.

After spending three hours jacking up each tire, sticking traction blocks under them, and repeating over and over and only making three feet, I called the ranger. They wanted to refer me to a tow service. I asked them if they know anyone who’d like to make a quick $100.

Still waiting for a reply. No biggie, I’ve enough supplies to last a week or two.

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8 thoughts on “Stuck Again

  1. What you need is a nice hard sandy beach like Daytona to drive on. Not ones in New Mexico that used to be under the sea! Hope you get some help.

  2. Interested in your attitude to this incident. Is it just one of ‘the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ or is their some kind of a lesson or metaphor here ?

  3. Oh my! I buried my bike one time up to the chain – silly me. Wasn’t about to leave it so spent a very uncomfortable night road side. At least you have your home with you. I hope all is well and that help arrives soon. Keep us posted!

  4. When diving in Sahara we toock out half the eir in the tires wich made them look like camel feet, after that we could fleet over the hot soft sands most of the times.


  5. @All: I’m free again. Thanks for all your comments. I ended up getting a tow, but your various advice was great (yours too Jeff (my brother)).

    While I believe I could have gotten her free by lowing the air pressure in the tires and laying down scrub (Jeff again) for traction, there was a vicious curve 100 yards ahead with sugar sand and I’d have never made that on my own.

    More later.

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