Swimming in the Rain

Purple Flower

HERON LAKE SP, NM—In the afternoon, I slung the camera on my back and headed down to the Rio Chama. It was a steep hike, but there were photos everywhere—photos just waiting for a camera—and that, as usual, slowed my descent.

At the river, lightning flashed above the rim of the canyon. I took a few more photos, then headed back up the steep trail.

I arrived at my rig hot and tired and sweaty. I stripped to my shorts, walked barefoot to the lake, and dove in just as the storm let loose.

The droplets of rain splashed on the lake’s surface making wonderful patterns—patterns invisible from the shoreline. Lightning flashed in brilliant, striking branches across the sky and thunder rolled through the clouds while my neighbors screamed and shouted at their dogs who just wanted to play with the crazy man swimming in the lake in the rain.

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5 thoughts on “Swimming in the Rain

  1. I never understood why, as kids, we could swim all day long but had to get out of the water the minute it started raining. Nothing better than a refreshing swim in the rain 🙂

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