Synchronicity and Self Gifting

LEASBURG DAM SP, NM—As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been thinking about downsizing and simplifying my rig to either a van or minibus and converting it into a stealthy, go practically anywhere home.

In such a small rig, a big challenge is storage space. Yesterday, I found what may be the perfect power tool for RV’ers for the simple reason that it is so compact and versatile: The Craftsman Bolt-On System.

Its got a lot of attachments that are very useful for a full-time RV’er: Drill, jig saw, circular saw, impact driver, router, even a tire inflator—and it all fits into one handy, easy-to-stow bag.

Feeling a little guilty (but not really) I self-gifted it to myself. What a great Christmas gift! In addition to the drill, She got me the circular saw, impact driver, and carrying case (I already have a jig saw and tire inflator). I’ve got to say, I’m a very happy camper. 🙂 They are powerful enough for my needs, easy to swap out, and the case fits perfectly behind the driver’s seat.

Synchronistically, as I left the mall, parked next to my truck—and I had parked all alone, well away from the crowd—was a minibus of the same type I’ve been contemplating. Since it was right next to me, I was able to compare its size and width to my truck (same size), and eyeball the interior to figure out the layout. Pretty much every question I had about a minibus was answered.

Sometimes I’m amazed at how I no longer think anything is odd when synchronistic “coincidences” happen (see Synchronicity Implies God). They happen so often that I’ve come to expect them (though I am always grateful).

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4 thoughts on “Synchronicity and Self Gifting

  1. Wayne,
    I’ve been noticing synchronicities regularly and with increasing frequency this year, to the point where I’m seeing several every day. It’s what keeps me grounded in faith and knowing there is a Divine Intelligence guiding all of us and everything in the Universe.
    I love your posts, and hope you do more videos, too.
    Thank you for everything you share,
    Joe Gabriel – Chicago

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