Test of Faith

ROCK HOUND SP, NM—It has been said that the difference between Faith and Belief is that Faith takes trust.

There is a high-top van out in Phoenix which fits the bill of my next rig. Good price, right size, low miles, etc. I want it.


I chipped a dental crown yesterday. Just south of here, the Kodger highly recommends a dentist down in Mexico (cheap and professional).


This morning, a minor case of chest congestion has turned into a full blown, kick-my-butt, cold/flu.

What would you do?

Old Wayne would have said screw it, pushed through the discomfort, drove to Phoenix and bought the rig (especially after seeing fellow nomad Glenn fly a thousand miles to do the same thing).


Faith takes trust.

She works in mysterious ways.

Surrender is the way of the sage, of Cosmic Consciousness, of the Illumed, of being one with the Tao. Surrender to Her will.

Ie: Trust.

Even though my mind resists, the plan is to rest and wait out the illness, then see where She leads me next (Mexico, Phoenix, ???).

The mind says “A” but She says “B.” Which would you listen to?

Hypocrites are a dime a dozen. Either we live our faith and values… or we should stop preaching them.

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8 thoughts on “Test of Faith

    • Sanna & Andy: When there is little of “you” and more of HER, Life often flows. (The less there is of you, the more there is of Her.)

      When Life isn’t flowing—when you are encountering resistance—then that’s an indicator (to one who is living in surrender) to shift your direction to the path of least resistance.

      Hope this helps.

  1. Wayne, I have discovered a truth about her as you have, when she hurts I hurt. You know why you are sick today. I know why I am sick today. There is this Jesus thing most of us have but is buried, when someone else is hurting we are hurting. Spock pointed this out in a Star Trek once. An all Vulcan crew on another star ship got wiped out and Spock felt it like 100 light years away. This actually happens for real in our puny existances. I love you dude.

  2. Wayne, thanks for this reminder. Some of my worst decisions involved many obstacles that I ignored (more accurately, didn’t realize were signs from the Divine at the time).
    Now I realize unusual obstacles as signs that I should make a different choice, or better yet just allow myself to be guided by Spirit.

    Regarding your cold, now that it has served its purpose, why not proclaim it to be gone tommorow morning so that your body can do its natural healing tonight? No need to suffer, right?


  3. Hello Wayne,

    I am letting each minute unfold and saying (rather trying to) “yes” … and in doing this today …. you unfolded … and I am very pleased to meet you! What are you doing the rest of this week?

  4. Oh just in case I wasn’t in my first post, I just want to be clear … I would surrender to the gift of unfoldment.

    Kind regards,

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