That Which Sees Out My Eyes…

Tree on a Hill on a Lake

Sumner Lake SP, NM

Mortal is the skin of the Soul.

Soul is the skin of Radiance.

Radiance is the skin of Oneness.

Oneness is the Source.

It is the beginning—Oneness is the Alpha.

Oneness is manifested as Light and Love (Radiance).

Radiance is manifested as individual consciousness (Soul).

Soul is manifested as a living being (Mortal).

Mortal has no manifestation.

It is the end—the Omega.

Emptiness and Fullness. The Source and the Manifest. The Alpha and the Omega.

And everything in between.

There is no physical difference between Mortal and Soul and Radiance and Oneness.

It seems different only because of our thoughts—because of our perceived identity.

It is just an illusion of perspective.

That which sees out my eyes… sees out yours.

That which sees my thoughts… sees your thoughts.

Shift your perspective. It is simply an issue of identity.

The less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

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  1. Yes, “simply an issue of identity”. This is so. It’s really awesome that “Her” perspective is being experienced.

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