The Cafe

LEASBURG DAM SP, NM—My iPod “binged” and my mind backed out of the code it was struggling with—out of the logic trees and for/next loops—and saw the Bloom app display, “See Her right here, right now.”

I looked up and found myself in a Barnes and Noble cafe somewhere in Las Cruces.

I still have to focus to see Her in people. In nature it is effortless, I see Her shining within everything, even the rocks and sand glow with Her essence, but with people, their minds are so noisy and their egos so hard that I have to consciously focus on each person individually.

She is the awareness within us all. She is hearing the words of the old man’s mind, sitting in front of me, as it reads the latest Time magazine.

She feels the heat from the expresso machine as it steams the milk in the stainless steel pitcher, held by the barista’s hand.

Across the cafe, She hears both sides of the political argument as each man’s mind vehemently argues its position.

She feels the pen scratch the paper and sees the thoughts coalesce as the young student writes her notes in a loose leaf binder.

I sit back, content, and feel/see the glow of Her in each person near me and I smile to myself for I know that the glow in me is the glow in them is the glow of Her and we are all one and separate and connected in that mysterious but wonderful sense.

I look back at the screen in front of me, and She points my eyes to the bug in the code which has eluded me for the last half hour.

I nod a grateful “thanks” and go back to work.

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2 thoughts on “The Cafe

  1. A very interesting glimpse into how Life/She appears to you. Thank you for sharing.

    And how nice it is that what had eluded you was so quickly revealed after that…

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