The Enlightened Jesus

ROCK HOUND SP, NM—I’ve always felt that Jesus was enlightened, yet for many years I believed he was a bit “off”—the whole God and Heaven and stuff seemed kind of delusional to me. I used to feel that Jesus’s awakening was inferior to the Buddha’s which seemed—based on what I had read about enlightenment—much more pure.

Amazing how my beliefs and faith in authorities could completely deceive me.

I now feel, based not on anyone’s teachings but on experience, that I had my conclusions exactly backwards.

Buddha’s teachings, as well as most of today’s nondual teachings, focus on the Emptiness Level—the level of no boundaries.

Jesus taught that “the kingdom of God is within.” That bliss and love and joy and eternal life are within the individual, which implies the integration of the Emptiness level with the Mortal level (and any and all levels in between).

Jesus demonstrated the duplex personality (God within) in all that he did, that we are at once both Man and God—both One and separate. Buddha… not so much.

When my personal self fell away, I found myself in the Emptiness Level and I called that “enlightenment.” I thought I had arrived, I thought, based on what I had read about enlightenment, that I had gone as far as I could go.

But I’ve never been one to listen to authority. I’m a firm believer in discovering for myself the truth of anything, so I continued to observe life from this new perspective, to flesh out the patterns, and to question all that I had been told or read about enlightenment.

It was a little over a year after my awakening before I finally recognized and acknowledged my own duplex personality—a Divine Intelligence (what I call “Her”) operating behind everything while at the same time being an integral part of me (Man and God, separate and One).

Jesus was a wunderkind. His awakening was so pure that his “connection” to his God-half was almost completely transparent. His was a “prodigal” awakening as opposed to most awakenings (my own included) that are much more opaque and less evolved.

Whereas most awakenings plop you down just on the other side of the gate-less gate (the Emptiness level) and take time, practice and patience to evolve communication with “the God within” (the duplex personality), Jesus’s awakening landed him so far ahead of others that he became unique in human history.

He couldn’t have said it any more clearly: The kingdom of God is within you. Christ (God in/as Man) is within you.

You and God are one (the less there is of you, the more there is of Her).

She’s always been there. She’s always seen out your eyes. She’s always felt your doubts and longings and loves and fears.

She is you.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!

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7 thoughts on “The Enlightened Jesus

  1. Wayne,
    Thank you for this observation and insightful reminder about Jesus, and his message for humanity. I hope that our many brothers and sisters open their eyes and realize the truth of his teachings.
    With appreciation,

  2. Hi there.
    I’d like to share a thought that ive read just a minute before that says:
    God lives beyond the chasm of nothingness.
    If you can build an imaginary bridge, and by building your faith into the bridge you will be able to come across it, you may enter the door of God.
    This is the road of Christ.

    If you can turn yourself into nothingness, if you can become one with the chasm, you will be able to fly across it like the wind, and you may enter the window of God.
    This is the way of Buddha.

  3. I enjoyed your video and knowledge very much. Thank you for sharing it. Interesting….I am an Intuitive. I am able to communicate to all non-physical energies, and beings, including angels and of Jesus Christ. Recently Jesus asked me to share some of his messages word for word to as many people as I can, Firstly,he defined himself as, nothing but “God’s energy with nothing but love, compassion and non-judgment”. He also defined God. Later to discuss how and why most people are not knowing we are all united, as one and God. That knowing/feeling this is simply from lack of awareness of our true self/spirit self/God self. That we are usually identified with our ego identity only. He explained in specific detail how the ego was born/formed, that judgment is the only thing that continues to strengthen fear of seperation of “all”,how to expand spirit/evolve rapidly, the importance of living a balanced life, to spend time in nature when one can and that he would like communities to begin being developed where all honor individualism and support each other with a common goal -to evolve, live balanced, healthy lives,be independent and self-sustainable,etc. and more. You may be interested in viewing them. Youtube search, “Connie Fox Jesus”.
    Thank you again for sharing your personal experience and knowledge and heart! 🙂 Connie Fox

  4. Great to read about your experience of the emptiness level and the integration of the emptiness level with the mortal level. I experienced ‘the awakening’ in just the same way. Hm, loving now the mortal live that is always accompanied by the divine oneness and never identified with. Thank you for sharing your stories. <3

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