The Insanity

ROCK HOUND SP, NM—No photo today. This is a rant. It’s unusual for me and it’s not pretty.

Isn’t it sad that in this country, when you say something like, “We should make all privately owned guns illegal,” that NRA-friendly people of America jump on you like the Taliban on an unveiled woman?

Seriously. It’s the same closed-minded mentality.

Today there were two attacks on school children. In the USA, about twenty children were killed. In China, about twenty children were injured. One assailant had a gun. One had a knife.

Second amendment arguments are ridiculous. No private citizen stands a chance against the US military with their jets and rockets and tanks. It’s an invalid argument.

My opinion: Make it a federal offense to own a gun. Make it a mandatory life sentence. You get caught with a gun, you go to jail for life. If that were the case, no criminal in his right mind would be caught with one.

Those Chinese kids are going to grow up and have kids and grand-kids. Entire generations will be born and thrive because their attacker only had a knife. Those American kids in Connecticut?

It’s sick and it’s insane.

The right to bear arms is a stupid, outdated right. It disgusts me that so many people are afraid to talk about it for fear of being bullied by gun-loving paranoids manipulated by the NRA’s media campaign—a campaign designed for the sole purpose of making money for the gun manufacturers.

Psychological manipulation of our darkest (but unwarranted) fears creating a lethal product that kills thousands of people a year.

For money.

It’s disgusting and insane.

Kids are worth more than that.

Every life is.

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20 thoughts on “The Insanity

  1. Hi Wayne,

    I don’t think it would be a very good idea to outlaw all privately owned guns in the midst of an ever-growing police state in this country. True, individuals can’t take on the government in that way, but the fact of widespread gun ownership does demand a certain respect from law enforcement officials. That’s not to say that there shouldn’t be any restrictions though.

    Also, I think spirituality calls us to recognize that there would have to be a karmic setup for such a shooting ‘event’ to occur, which would involve an infinite number of factors to potentiate such an outcome (see Hawkins on non-causality, factors that are largely unknown to us. Although people’s bodies were taken and harmed today, ultimately, no life was actually lost as death is just as impossible as it ever was, i.e. life doesn’t really die, it just changes form…. Or, as Eckhart Tolle puts it, something like “it’s because you believe in death that the body exists.”


    • “…ultimately, no life was actually lost as death is just as impossible as it ever was, i.e. life doesn’t really die, it just changes form…” What kind of gibberish is this, Kevin? Try selling it to the parents and families of those killed in this massacre yesterday.

      • Chris, I don’t presume to tell them that. I was speaking in the context of spirituality, which, if it means anything, points to an all-inclusive, unified, reality rather than a belief system. The belief in death requires a good deal of faith in the characteristics of the ego, including linear thinking, perception, duality, and separation. The ego is a possible dream, but an impossible Reality.

  2. To punish owners of guns is to perpetuate the mindset of punishment that is the root of all this evil. People have guns because they are afraid. People are afraid because they have been traumatized. We live in a society that permits the spanking, slapping, belting and hitting of children as a form of discipline. This is where the healing must begin. Give children the same right to be free from physical abuse as all other citizens. When the next generation grows up, they will be less afraid – they will have fewer trauma neurons.

  3. Your rant surprises me. It exposes your fears and feelings of vulnerability. This isn’t about guns, it is about disturbed minds.

    • I’m guessing it’s about Wayne’s empathy and compassion. In his hurt he experienced outrage … and vented. I would be curious as to how long it took him to regain equilibrium.

  4. I don’t think the gun control issue is the real issue in this situation. Suicidal/homicidal freaks will find some way to carry out their deranged impulses whether or not they have easy access to guns. Gun control may or may not reduce the number and severity of these incidents, but I think the more relevant issue is how can we identify which people are deranged in this way and neutralize the threat. Having more or less armed people will not stop these things from happening. Even if there were guns available to teachers in the school, a certain number of people would die before anyone could react. And if we were to arm everyone I still don’t think it would discourage these types of situations; most perpetrators intend to commit suicide anyway – they don’t care who has a gun or not. The perpetrator in the Newton incident was wearing a bullet-proof vest; he knew he would be shot, and that didn’t stop him. The more effective strategy in my opinion is to identify homicidal tendencies in people and neutralize them before they get expressed. How to do that I don’t know, I’m not a psychologist. But I do believe that is the answer to this phenomenon. Of course gun control advocates and gun proliferation advocates alike will see the situation through their own colored lenses.

  5. Interesting discussion. Normally I’m reluctant to get involved in such conversations because without spiritual awareness you have only logic to rely on – if you are lucky – or worse, emotion; or most dangerous of all, base instinct. Speaking personally, I have always wondered about people who ‘lose it’ or indeed never had ‘it’ ie. capacity/sanity, whichever. I recall a major breakthrough for myself when I realised that “Just because you have a human body, doesn’t make you a human being.” And yet, all life has value. It’s a spiritual paradox. Most helpful to me in this perhaps was reading Krishna’s explanation to Arjuna (Bhagavad Gita) that it was his duty as a player in the drama to participate in the battle of Kurukshetra and if necessary kill his own kin – partly because that is all it is: a drama. In fact the World comntains billions of little dramas, all bumping into each other: meaningless, but still moving.

    That said, from the perspective of the ’51st State’, here in the UK we have all but banned handguns. No doubt a few people are still alive because of that, and the rest of us are less apprehensive than we might otherwise be.

  6. Here here. Thank you for saying it, and I couldn’t agree more.

    I was disgusted when Obama wouldn’t dialogue about gun control after the Aurora shootings. It was all about the election then. But now that it’s not, his legacy as a president will be determined by the kind of leadership he takes on this issue. I hope that he can live up to this. Perhaps its his destiny to be the one president who has the guts to do something about this insanity. I hope so.

  7. The young man chose a gun and killed certain individuals. He could have used a bomb and killed many more. It’s called Karma. Until we (and they) learn to forgive one another, it will keep happening in future lifetimes, whether by guns, knives or something yet to be invented. We must learn to FORGIVE!

  8. “Second amendment arguments are ridiculous. No private citizen stands a chance against the US military with their jets and rockets and tanks. It’s an invalid argument.”

    I agree.

    “Make it a mandatory life sentence. You get caught with a gun, you go to jail for life. ”

    I disagree. Very much out of proportion. This will lead to more anger and hatred. What is it with Americans and prisons? Seems like a national hobby.

  9. Those on the left react and demand the no-guns solution. Those on the right, in the name of self-defense against the murderous-minded ‘other’ (not against government authorities), urge greater citenzry armament. The first solution – at least here in America – I think would lead to some type of civil war. The question then, at least for the forseeable future, is, “Could a compromise solution be concocted where the least amount of innocent blood be shed?

    Maybe we could make rock-stars out of our psychologists; or over-tax the makers of violent video games? Or …?

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