The Neurosurgeon and the Soul

Sunset over Bluewater Lake

BLUEWATER LAKE SP, NM—Some of the most convincing evidence of the Soul are from former non-believers who’ve undergone profound spiritual transformations.

I know, I’ve been there. I was an atheist who experienced an unexpected past life memory that shook me to the core. This led to some serious research which convinced me that the Soul is as real as the body.

There is zero evidence that we blink-out at death. Anyone who believes that “death is the end” is just as foolish and gullible as a religious fundamentalist.

Let me say that again: There is zero evidence that we just blink out at death.

There is ample evidence on the other hand, that our lives continue onward after our bodies cease to function.

Here’s the article from a neurosurgeon who had a life-changing experience during a seven day coma.

Just more evidence of the Soul.

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9 thoughts on “The Neurosurgeon and the Soul

  1. @Mac: In short, recognizing, on a very real level, that you are a Soul dramatically weakens the ego by almost completely ridding you of fear (fear is the fuel of the ego).

    A weakened ego makes enlightenment/awakening much more likely.

  2. That’s a very good article, thanks for sharing.

    As I read it I began to understand how the world we see is simply a very elementary and incomplete reflection of what is.

  3. It’s rare to find someone who can’t feel the thing inside them that is their “self.”

    It’s uncommon, however, for someone to have a past-life experience late in life. All of the children studied by Dr. Ian Stevenson were about five when they started talking about their previous selves. They grew out of it by the time they were ten.

    My novel, “The Soul Gene”, supposes a scientific proof for reincarnation.

    We know so little, our existence is surely more magical than we can imagine.

  4. Very good article Wayne. I actually read it this afternoon in Newsweek. I showed my adult children the article (and they actually read it). They said “Dad….maybe you’re not as crazy as we thought you were about all this enlightenment stuff.” Thanks for posting !!! THE WORDS GETTING OUT!!!

  5. @Maria: “incomplete reflection of what is.” Very apt.

    @Lynn: Yes, there is a theory that children’s “imaginary friends” are really Souls from their past, helping them adapt to this world. Not sure there’s enough evidence to jump on board with that, but it’s an interesting theory.

    @Gary: Yup, good example of just how influential Big Media can be. Every bit helps though. 🙂

  6. I had “Imaginary Friends” when I was 5 or 6 years old living in Benton,AR. Huber and his wife named Rae. they had several kids and it’s funny I associated with the adults and seem to think their children were all babies… 5 or more of them. They lived behind our house across the railroad tracks and in the woods on the 3 acres we owned. Looking back now it seems strange that my folks allowed me at 5 years of age to go over there alone. I had to cross the railroad tracks to get back there and I was in those woods almost every day!!! I remember that Huber went to work but I did not question where he worked. They were poor but so happy and were always glad to see me. I would come home and tell my mom about them.
    It might be interesting to try some thing to bring all those memories better in focus.

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