The Noisy Valley

Taos Ski Valley

Taos Ski Valley, NM—I’ve moved to the ski area above Taos because I needed a faster internet connection to prep for the book launch. I was hoping to stay a week or so, but it’s pretty noisy up here with the cars and trucks straining to make it up the steep grade, the crickets/locusts in heat (or whatever they’re doing), horses whinnying and clopping, brooks babbling, and those damn trees just won’t quit their constant rustling. Don’t even get me started on the birds that won’t shut up. It’s miserable.

But it’s free and it’s cool way up here in the stratosphere, so maybe I’ll tough it out for another couple days.

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3 thoughts on “The Noisy Valley

  1. All different expressions of her — even the mechanical droning 🙂

    Really though I know where you’re at. Just this week I’ve had to interact more than I like to, doing some on-site projects. It’s not just the noise, between the blaring radio, people running in and out and constant conversation its all very distracting, but it’s the smells too. To me my own space is odorless (well, I’m used to it) but the places I’ve been have some very strong and sometimes obnoxious odors. Of course the people who work there all the time don’t even notice…

    We get so used to our own little worlds, comfortable as they are, that when we step outside of them it can seem annoying and downright overwhelming at times. I bet you’ll be glad to retreat to a quieter place soon.

  2. Actually, I was being (mostly) silly. The post started out as a rant about all the trucks and cars zooming up past my rig in the morning, then zooming down in the evening (there’s a lot of construction going on further up the road). But then I started listening the the sounds of Nature and that really helped offset it.

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