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SANDIA CASINO, ALBUQUERQUE, NMGlenn Morrissette sent me an email recently asking about some of the more practical matters of living as a Soul:

…how doing so (living as a Soul) pertains to having things like health insurance, anything over the legal minimum on one’s car insurance, or saving for retirement.

My thoughts below the break (huh?).

Much of learning to live as a Soul—the shift from Mortal to Soul—revolves around dealing with fear.

I’ve often said that when you live as a Soul, almost all your fears vanish. This is because when you recognize that you live forever, the fear of death dramatically fades—and along with it, almost all other mortal fears.

But it is important not to practice this back-asswards: Don’t try to lose (or even face) your fears in order to live as a Soul—live as a Soul and notice that your fears gently fade.

The practice is simple:

  • Research the Soul
  • Use your response to fear to judge your progress and strength of belief

Now for Glenn’s questions.

From a Mortal perspective, these issues all revolve around a potential threat (fear): “What if I get sick? What if I’m in a car accident? What if I don’t have enough money to survive retirement?”

The fearful Mortal mind screams, “You are going to get sick! You are going to get in an accident! You are going to die destitute and homeless!”

All these situations might very well happen. (Cut to your Mortal-self, crouched in a corner clutching its knees, quivering in fear.)

Now if you lived as a Soul, your decisions on these matters wouldn’t be centered around fear but on practicality. Yes, all these “threats” may come true (No quivering!), but what are your options, and what makes sense to you right now?

Since all Glenn’s questions revolved around money versus risk, the “Soul-centric” solution is simple: Do I have enough money right now to justify spending it on covering my ass?

If your funds are sufficient, by all means protect the quality of your life and cover your butt (shit happens). But if your cash supply is short, then obviously it is best used elsewhere.

As a Soul, your decisions—whether financial, personal, emotional, or professional—will not be based on fear, but on practicality, rationality, quality of life, and your Soul’s ultimate purpose (transcending the barriers between you and Her).

I’m not saying face your fear and push through it—that isn’t living as a Soul but as a Mortal trying to live as a Soul. I’m saying if you feel mental fear (not instinctual fear), then you’re simply not living as a Soul—your “faith” isn’t strong enough yet.

If mental fears are still influencing your life and decisions, then hit the books, do your research and practice, practice, practice.

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3 thoughts on “The Practical Soul

  1. I am SO with you on this. You have beautifully articulated the unstated philosophy underlying my decision-making with regard to money/insurance/pensions etc. In a nutshell, these are all ‘nice to have’, but they are not essential. As to death etc, I would like to die quietly, consciously and alone, undisturbed, perhaps in my own chair or bed, maybe looking out on a nice view outside on the grass in the open air, drifting off peacefully with awareness into the bardo. If however it happens in a vehicle accident, car smash, sinking ship or plane crash, with people screaming etc, or in pain, drugged up in a hospital or WHATEVER/WHEREVER/WHENEVER – my favourite Californian saying applies: “Hey man, it’s a trip.”

  2. I don’t think it’s about losing the fear of death.

    I think it’s more about losing the fear of life.

    It’s the fear of making choices or finding ourselves in circumstances that turn our lives into hell on earth and then not being able to escape that. It’s the fear of getting old and no longer being able to do things, and maybe even watching our bodies deteriorate but yet not being able to just die and leave the physical behind. It’s the fear of not having enough to take care of our needs in our old age, or having no advocate to make sure they are taken care of. It’s the fear of regrets if we don’t do the things we dream of. And the fear of failure if we do.

    Fear is about living and about now.

    Heck death can be a welcome respite from all the crap that goes on here.

    To me living as a soul means getting intimate with the truth of who I am and living authentically from that truth. It feels right, easy and as if I have arrived home. To spend even a moment as a soul brings a peace and utter contentment that is impossible to describe in words.

    To Glenn I offer back the words he once told me: “If it makes you happy do it, if not then let it go and move on.” Apply it to the practical matters as well as intangibles and I’d say you got it 🙂

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