The Pull West

The Swollen Lake

Foscue Creek Campground, Demopolis, AL

The rains have stopped. The weather forecast is clear.

I may start a run for the West tomorrow.

Free camping.

Dry air.

Open vistas…

And solitude.

I feel the Pull,

But I’m not sure why I feel the hurry.

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6 thoughts on “The Pull West

  1. I hear you, Wayne. I too am starting to think about stepping up the pace considerably to get back out west soon. But I keep getting *pulled* to stop and check stuff out… Ah well, if nothing else, at least it’s finally going to be sunny for a few days!

  2. Hello Wayne,
    you write of the Pull West; has your awakening given you any insights into whether or not we have freewill ? Your blogs suggest Yes we have, but for myself I’m not too sure.

  3. Perhaps it’s the urge to escape before you have to build an ark. In north Alabama I have to use 4WD to get out of my garage (which is flooded).

  4. Wayne: Part of the pull may be us fans and friends already out here hoping to cross paths with you again.
    I write from Quartzsite where 100,000 campers have assembled —and are not sure why we have assembled. Come give us a clue.

  5. @Glenn: I’m sure out paths will cross soon. I’m going to check out a NF camp (possibly free) N of Minden, LA tomorrow (Sat), then probably Mineola, TX (free), then Whitney, TX (free). At least that’s the plan so far. If I like any of them, I’ll make camp for a week or so. I envy your class B when I have to make camp plans like that, but I love my trailer when I stay in one place for awhile.

    @Kevin: Free Will? See this post and my comment in this post for my thoughts on that subject. Thanks for the question.

    @Doug: Miserable. I hope you managed to save all your Doc’ez Boxes! I used to think the weather in FL was bad until you moved to AL. 🙂

    @Randy: Our paths will cross again my friend, though I doubt in Quartzsite – surrounded by 100,000 campers isn’t my idea of solitude. 🙂

  6. Hello Wayne,
    thankyou for your reply; I found the article very useful . I’ll use the search facility in future and try to be not so blind. You have the patience; hope you find some solitude soon.

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