The Rocky Road


Coyote Creek SP, NM—Yesterday, after moving camp a little farther north, I unhooked and took the truck up a rough mountain road to see if I could find a camp Glenn had mentioned last year on his blog.

While up there, I thought I had found his campsite, but after reviewing his photos, I now realize that I must not have either gone far enough, or that the camp was off a little side spur from the main road. Either way, it was a hell of a rough ride and I can see why The Kodger called it quits. Better safe than sorry.

Though I think my rig could make it up (I have more ground clearance than most trailers), it would be very tricky.

The problem is actually two-fold. The first is that a truck/trailer combo is much more difficult to maneuver. It is much harder to keep the big rocks from hitting the holding tanks and valves of your trailer than with a class B (a big van). With a class B rig like both Glenn and Anne have, you are in much more control—you can avoid the holding tank hungry rocks and gullies much easier.

The second issue is more psychological. I made it up there in the truck (sans trailer) while in “explorer mode” and the whole way up I was telling myself, “There’s no way I’m bringing my trailer over all these damn rocks.” If you were in a class B, you are already “bringing” your rig/home up there, so you might as well continue forward.

Score a big one for a class B rig.

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6 thoughts on “The Rocky Road

  1. the only time when a rocky road is an enjoyable experience is when it’s the ice cream. Other than that I preferred avoid all rocky roads. MMMMM….. Rocky Road Ice cream. 8^P

  2. Explorer Mode brought to mind a book I am reading about an Englishman who walked around the entire coast of Baha Mexico, clockwise. He would often have to drop his pretty hefty pack and mandatory multi-gallon plastic water jugs to see what was ahead.

  3. Lovely picture! Speaking of rocky roads, kind of…. glad to see you’re North and not SW near the fires. Satellite shows heavy smoke in your area tho – are you seeing any of it or is it affecting you? HugZ!

  4. Thanks for braveing that road for the rest of us. Any low hanging branches? My truck camper is rough and tough but stands 10′ tall.

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