The Secret to Happiness

Tree on a Plain

OASIS SP, NM—If you can find happiness in solitude, then you can find happiness anywhere.

In solitude, there are few distractions—only the noise of the mind.

In solitude, the attachment to the noise of the mind—not the noise itself—is readily seen as the barrier to happiness.

As my Frog Master taught me, the key piece of wisdom here is to recognize that the source of happiness—the living stillness that lies below the mind—never leaves you.

She never leaves you.

It is just that when you focus on the noise, it is impossible to hear Her whispers.

One of the benefits of living as a Soul is that you stop taking the noise of the mind so seriously.

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6 thoughts on “The Secret to Happiness

  1. The secret to happiness….

    “If you can find happiness in solitude, then you can find happiness anywhere.”

    I would reword this to say “If you can find happiness outside of your comfort zone, then you can find happiness anywhere.”

    For myself I’d much rather be in solitude than anywhere else and it’s in crowds that I am challenged to find happiness.

    Others are the opposite, being happy and in their element among the masses but utterly lost and miserable when left to their own thoughts.

    Different for everyone huh?

    • @Maria: No Maria, I’m afraid you missed the point of the post. It isn’t about finding happiness where you are UN-comfortable, but to see exactly what is blocking our innate happiness by simplifying the circumstances: Solitude has far less distractions than society. Solitude makes the noise of our own minds that much louder—that much more apparent.

  2. Living in the everyday world going to work and negotiating with ego’s is very stressful. I am learning to not be that concerned with anything at all that happens. Just in the last week or so so many stressful things happened, this is Her testing you to see if you will go Her way or the world’s. Her way is the Way, listen and feel the pricks and cuts but gently let them slip away without any feeling or thought of OMG, what am I going to do!!!!!

  3. I dunno Wayne… I spent a very long time in solitude and was incredibly happy and in touch, experiencing much of the oneness you write about. It was maintaining that happiness while re-entering society that was (and sometimes still is) incredibly hard for me.

    So I guess it’s not finding, but maintaining happiness I’m talking about. Sorry I wasn’t clearer.

  4. I’m also learning to reawaken while navigating thru my normal everyday life. I’m not to hard on myself, I meditate. think positive, and let go of the drama. it’s working. I’m happy healthy,and entering joyfulness. {smile}

  5. Maria, as a deep introvert, I agree with you. Stillness, aloneness, meditating are the best times for me. Seldom do I get lonely. When I do, I get a short fix of being with loved ones, then happy to spend time alone again. Reminds me of a Ram Dass saying, “it’s easy to be a yogi in a cave. Try being one when you are with your family….that’s the real test”. (paraphrased)

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