The Spider

Blurry Leaf


I sit on my step. The sun warms my skin and Jimmy Buffet plays on the stereo.

A spider crawls across the rocky ground in search of an unsuspecting insect.

An osprey soars over the lake looking for a fish.

A snowy white egret stands in the shallows peering into the clear, still water.

I crack open a beer and think what a sad and horrible world this must be for those who believe that these beautiful creatures end the lives of their prey.

While there is no evidence that life ends at physical death and ample evidence that it continues onward, many people refuse to examine the facts and suffer needlessly this cynical and nihilistic worldview.

She lives.

She lives through the spider and the insect he feasts upon. She lives through the osprey and the fish he seeks; through the heron and the minnows in the shallows.

She writes these words and She, at this very moment, is reading them.

There is no death.

She is, She was, and She will always be.

She shifts Her perspective and She changes Her form…

But She never dies.

The spider skirts over a rock—searching, searching.

I sip my beer, release the self-contraction, and merge and disappear into Her essence.

The sun warms the flesh, the osprey soars into the sky, and the spider—ignorant of all these thoughts—continues his search.

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