The Still Man Returns

Rocks on Rocks on Rocks

HERON LAKE SP, NM—Yesterday, as Randy was opening the email of my blog post The Still Man, who should unexpectedly appear at his door?

Come on…, you’ve been following this blog long enough. You know how things work around here. You know exactly who mysteriously showed up, uninvited and unannounced: the Still Man.

No one called him. No one told him about the article. He doesn’t even have a functioning computer. He just stopped by at the exact moment that Randy was reading about him.

He mysteriously stopped by at that perfect moment, and because of this, he was able to read my blog post (to which—of course—he didn’t react one way or the other).

And something I neglected to relate previously: The reason Randy originally mentioned the Still Man to me was because earlier that day Randy had been on the phone with a friend who had mentioned the Still Man, and at that moment, the Still Man unexpectedly showed up just to say “Hi” and to let him know that he was camped just up the road.

These incidents help support my theory (perhaps you’ve heard it before):

The less there is of you (the Still Man in this case), the more there is of Her.

And when there is less of you, then you are guided by Her.

Synchronicity is evidence. Evidence that there is something intelligent (I call it Her) working behind the scenes—not always dramatically, but operating there nonetheless.

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4 comments on “The Still Man Returns
  1. Mary Ann says:


  2. Whitewolf says:

    Sweet !

  3. Debra says:

    Jana Stanfield, one of my favorite musicians, once said at a concert, “Coincidence is God remaining anonymous, Serendipity is God leaving a signature, Synchronicity is God showing off.” :)

  4. Randy Vining says:

    Wayne: It happened just that way: I opened your blog about the still man and started to read. At that instant I looked up to see the still man purring up on his scooter. I must say I was startled. I told him he was becoming famous and let him read your blog. To my amazement he took it all in without noticable affect. The synchronicity of this moment does give me something to consider. I will beging to notice if more occur.

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