The Sun and the Moon

Annular Solar Eclipse. May 20, 2012

Storrie Lake SP, NM—Since I couldn’t find any solar glasses, I used two polarized sunglasses, turned at right angles, to cut the glare.

The eclipse was a truly moving sight. The “ring of fire” fell through the clouds for only a moment—below the clouds and just above the mountain top.

This type of eclipse happens only once every 14 years or so and it was here and gone in less than a minute.

It was a tricky shot, but it was a beautiful experience.

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11 thoughts on “The Sun and the Moon

  1. Picked up this shot from Maria’s post on and I just must say wow! Very nice! We tried all sorts of methods here (in San Diego) to capture a photo, even tried the polarized lenses but couldn’t get anything like that. Guess I’ll have to live photo-vicariously through your shot. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photography, Wayne.

  2. I saw this in the east sky, May 21th at 7:30am in Tokyo, by the naked eyes, at the moment when cloulds became a filter.

  3. See what I get for being behind on my blog reading? I almost missed this beautiful work of art! Thank you Wayne. I hope you consider publishing this for all to see. This might sound odd, but to me/for me, this picture captures my life right now. May I have permission to print and frame (with credit given, of course)? xxo

  4. @Debra: Thanks for all your recent comments. Go ahead and use the image if you like. See the Creative Commons stuff at the bottom of this (and every) page for more details (basically, if it’s for non-commercial purposes, have at it (but with credit attributed)). 🙂

  5. It is greatly heartwarming to view your photographs & sense the Bard whose eyes
    have embraced the poetry of the moment. Co-Creation, collaboration with Her.
    a friend recommended your blog. I am grateful to her.

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