The Wind

Last Shot of the Awning

BRANTLEY LAKE SP, NM—I’ve been fasting and meditating on the Radiance and the Oneness and the Wind and the Fire.

Then my awning blew off. Shook the trailer so hard it popped open the cabinets.

Maybe there is something to be said for why some spiritual teachings are kept secret.

I loved that awning. I’m going to miss it.

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9 thoughts on “The Wind

  1. Springtime in New Mexico has devoured many an awning, I’d expect, along with a lot of other things.
    Look at the the bright side.
    Under the desert sun it can only mean more “radiance”.:-)

  2. @Debra & kv: 🙂

    @Laurie: No, pretty much destroyed. Bent support arms, broken brackets, torn fabric. I was very lucky it didn’t damage either the roof or the solar panels.

    One of the advantages of having lived as a Soul (for over four years now) is I simply don’t take life too seriously. No biggie.

  3. Written on the wind. Restless wind. Wayward wind. Hmm, I think Debra’s idea is right on, the wind is clamoring to be heard………….

  4. If you go the synchronicity route two people posted comments about total immersion (baptism) comming as a mighty rushing wind. Just sayin.

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