To Live True


From the vast and open Emptiness—the background for all that is to come—Radiance flows as Love and Light and energy.

The Radiance contracts, and the Soul forms with a purpose and direction—and with the flow of Love and Light—the energy to fulfill it.

Into the Mortal and Physical, the Soul manifests into a living creature which brings to life the Emptiness, the Love, the Purpose, and the Being.

To live true, listen to the whispers of the highest level you have access to—and bring them to life via the Mortal and Physical levels.

To live inauthentically, ignore the higher levels, and succumb to the shouting and fears of the Mortal self.

It's Time To Wake Up

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It's Time To Be Happy

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It's Time Let Go

My Dying WordsImagine I have only seven days left to live.
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3 thoughts on “To Live True

  1. Wayne, I wish I could contract enough to find out why I was pulled away from Her and forced to endure another lifetime of pain and suffering. Must be my attachments. My life seems at times to be one of overcoming one challenge after another. Is it really possible to live as Soul and work in corporate America and all the materialism that bombards us each day? The things that others strive for, don’t even interest me. I find myself withdrawing from it all and feeling depressed and lonely.

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