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HERON LAKE SP, NM—I know there are a number of writers (both aspiring and actual) who are readers of this blog, so I thought I’d share my experiences with The Carefree Diet marketing so far.

During the launch, I gave away 500 free copies in the hope that the affiliate program would inspire readers to sell the book for me.

After three weeks, I’ve sold exactly one copy. More below the break (huh?).

I have done no other marketing though—zero—and that was the intention. I wanted to see if anyone would sell the book for me (by sharing their experiences online, motivated by the $15 referral fee). Sadly, no one has.

I can see where visitors come from in the site stats, so I know that even if people are talking about the book, they aren’t being convincing enough for others to click on their links. In other words, potential customers aren’t even arriving at the sales site via affiliates.

I figure I’ll give it two more months, and if the affiliate program turns out to be a bust—and therefore I have to market the book myself—then I’ll just drop the program, discount the price, put it on Amazon, and start writing weight loss articles to generate interest.

Of course the other possibility is people are reading the book, thinking it sucks and tossing it. That’s a distinct possibility, one every writer must face. All I know is I’m down to 208 from 240 lbs and it’s been the easiest weight I’ve ever lost.

And that’s more than enough when you really get down to it.

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13 thoughts on “To The Readers Who Are Writers

  1. I’ve just released The Soul Gene on kindle. The paperback will be out as soon as I figure out how to make the cover.

    As for publicizing the novel, I haven’t a clue. I’ve already been hammered for abusing blogs about reincarnation and genetics, which relate to the story, so I’m not sure where to go next.

    There are a bare handful of reviewers who concentrate on indie authors — Big Al and the rest — but it may take a year or more for them to get to me, if they ever do.

    I’ve been tinkering with creating a kickstarter project to get some money for Google or ads, but I’m not sure what to give as rewards, and I’m not even sure advertising will help.

    Praying to the Baby Jesus (and posting on Wayne’s blog!) seems to be the best course.

    PS: Reading “The Soul Gene” will not help you lose weight, especially if you munch M&Ms as you read.

  2. @Lynn: I always knew you had a thing for lesbians, but did you get your Soul/reincarnation ideas from me? If so I want a cut.

    @Everyone: I used to work with Lynn back in our Corporate Drone Days.

  3. The first thought which occurs to me (note the phraseology) is that marketing, like every other professional discipline, has a set of well-documented procedures for most eventualities which are proven to work. ‘Pioneer’ marketing (apt terminology in your case) on the other hand is expensive and often fruitless. The second thought which floats by is that I loved your weight loss idea. Why ? Because it is SO male. Try marketing the book conventionally with the strapline ‘Effective Weight Loss Techniques for Men’ ?-)

  4. @ Andy – it is a great diet plan for females too… why the male slant, just curious? @ Wayne – I am behind on blogging – have not been staying up with my blog (and reading others) so traffic on my blog has been slow lately. Consequently, I didn’t think the affiliate program would benefit you on my site. However, that will hopefully change as I get back to routine – starting this weekend. I am happy to promote your book on my blog and any of the other social media outlets I’m on – perhaps with the mindset that even a little traffic is good (?). Let me know. It is a GREAT book!

    Love and hugZ,

  5. Appreciate your take Debra, being a man I’m no expert on females (although it is interesting that Wayne and I share the experience of the feminine aspect of deity) but my impression from such experience as I have had is that eating the same things day after day is a distinctly bachelor idea :-). I could well be wrong – just my take.

  6. Good job on the weight loss. I went from 265 last August to 208. My secret was seeing a picture on Facebook taken without me knowing from the side. I keep a copy of the picture on my fridge and carry one around with me. I tried to sell my picture but it doesn’t seem to work for everyone.

  7. Hi Wayne,

    not that it ever amounted to anything, but when I started my catering business in 1991, I sent out 500 postcards announcing the event. Sadly, i was so broke at the time, this amounted to a major capital expenditure. One, count em, one person responded. Pat Kluge, wife of billionaire John Kluge, one of the wealthiest people in the world at the time. What are the chances?

  8. Hey Wayne, I just read about your CareFree Diet at Mobile Kodgers website. I would like to read it, try it and then review the diet for you. If it works, I have a lot of women friends that will most likely be interested in a copy. n 🙂 I was told in an astrological reading a few months ago that I would lose weight NOT by willpower but by creative thinking. So far, I haven’t figured out how to creatively lose these 25 pounds though I have tried several “diets”. Maybe the CAREFREE DIET is going to be the one.


  9. @Andy – I agree with you on the male thing. My ex husband lived happily on the same menu for months on end, then would switch to something else for many more months. Know other guys like this too, but no women. Even for myself I found it a challenge to eat the same things every single day. What I finally settled into is a modified version of Wayne’s idea – to have the same general thing each day made up of slightly different ingredients. For instance a salad for lunch varying the type of meat and vegetables I add to the lettuce base and switching out the dressing too. I’ll let everyone know on the forums how this modification works in the long run. So far it’s been pretty successful.

    @Wayne – One thing that I learned when I published my first e-book some 5 years ago is that if you want to sell through affiliates you have to market to “super” affiliates just like you’d market to the public. These are the pros in the affiliate business who can make your e-book go viral. You can’t expect your average internet user to know much about internet marketing, and a link on a blog with a few tweets and FB posts simply isn’t enough.

  10. @Lynn: re: Facebook photo. I believe it is using your Gravatar photo.

    @Doug: Wow! Congrats!

    @Everyone: Thanks for your feedback. I learned this from debugging code, and use it in the book, about keeping everything as simple as possible to help figure out what is “wrong.” I’m intentionally not trying to market the book myself so as not to confuse whether the affiliate program is working or not. So this post is kind of a “here’s what I’ve learned so far” to other authors out there. But really, thanks for the feedback. Lots of good ideas and info there!

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