Toughing It Out

Looking Out My Front Door


I explored the region the last few days. I drove north to see if Bottomless Lakes would be my next camp—it won’t. I poked around Carlsbad to see if either my old spot, or a place on the reservoir would do—they don’t.

When I asked the ranger here how long you can camp, he said, “For hook up sites, it’s three weeks, but for where you’re at, you can stay as long as you want.”

Twenty feet from the lake, the aquamarine waters lapping at the shore, and no neighbors.

I guess I can put up with it a little longer.

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5 thoughts on “Toughing It Out

  1. @Doug, Jeff, Debra: Yeah, it’s tough being me.

    @ray: Cool. If you’re talking going nomad, spend the extra bucks and get solar. You won’t regret it (and it’s why I’m all alone on the lake and not up in the crowded developed campground).

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