Trying to Hold Her

LEASBURG DAM SP, NM—Reader Paul, often feeling the arising and fading of Her, asked, “Can I retain her?”

My reply:

Can you “retain Her?”

No. She is the Life Force. She is the Intelligence behind your mind, the Will that drives you to find Her once again.

You can’t retain Her because She’s never left you.

She is what sees out your eyes, what reads these words.

She is the reason the plants reach toward the sun, the reason the birds sing in the morning, the reason your cat snuggles against you when it’s cold.

She’s never left you. When you can’t hear Her whispers, when you can’t feel Her love, it’s only because your mind—at that moment—is too loud.

Push your thoughts away, they are inconsequential.

The less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

Thanks for the question Paul (and the donation).

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