Watching and Waiting

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BRANTLEY LAKE SP, NM—In the morning, I set up my little shelter and table and laptop next to the lake and write a few hours. She’s got me working on a diet book of all things. Either She wants me to lose weight or generate a steady source of income. Either would be nice.

I’m down 15 pounds.

It’s been effortless.

So there’s that.

Later the winds pick up and I take the shelter down and move inside.

The afternoons are starting to get hot and I consider moving northward.

Northward feels right—but not just yet.

I wait.

I’ve gotten good at waiting for Her guidance.

At waiting for Her whispers.

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3 thoughts on “Watching and Waiting

  1. Watched Blind Side again last night. Sandra Bullock is Her in that movie. Can you imagine a more kinder human than that women? And a republican of all things, just goes to she nothing in this world is as it appears to be. You are right God is a woman in so many many ways. I also heard in a movie once that the most beautiful thing a man will ever see is a naked woman’s body. The most beautiful thing a woman will ever see is her first born infant. So far has been true for me but I sure enjoyed seeing my son being born. I too will begin to wait and see what She says. Taken me many many years to get to this with Wayne’s help.

  2. Last evening I was looking thru some old stuff to throw away. I found the sweat pants I was wearing when my son was born. I just mentioned it in my above post yesterday. The less of me the more of her. Does help to write things down. Thanks Wayne.

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