What The Levels Love

Hauling Red Peppers

CABALLO LAKE SP, NM—With almost no thought put into this, just a quick review of my experiences and observations…

What Each Level Loves:

The Mortal Level loves control and winning and comfort.

The Soul Level loves living authentically in accordance with your ideals and beliefs.

The Radiant Level loves the flow of Love and Light, and the feeling of intimacy with the Divine.

The Emptiness Level loves the expansiveness of the boundary-less state.

You could say these are the values of the various levels. The lower the level, the “louder” the love (more intense the feeling)—which is why the lower levels tend to win out when there’s an inner conflict.

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3 thoughts on “What The Levels Love

  1. Love your description of those levels!
    Sometimes it feels like if only we could remain in one level (not even being aware of any other level), live would be so much easier. But it seems like SHE just loves the divine dance between all the different levels just too much….;)

  2. This is similar to the seven levels of consciousness described in Handbook to Higher Consciousness by Ken Keyes Jr. Have you read that book? Your mortal level relates to Ken’s security (control), sensation (comfort), and power (winning) levels. Likewise soul is love, radiance is cornucopia / conscious awareness, and emptiness is cosmic consciousness.
    That booked was the first I read on these matters and it changed my life.

  3. @Michael: No, I’ve never read it, but I do know that there are many psychological “maps” developed that explain the evolution of consciousness. Obviously there are merits to both detailed maps and more generalized maps (mine being of the latter). Thanks for the reference.

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