When the World is Perfect

Rocks in a Clear Lake


Both the bees and the scouts have left. Once again, the camp is empty.

Nothing has really changed. It is as if they were never here.

Each morning, and each evening, a group of ducks gather just offshore from my camp. One by one, each bird does a little hop/dive and disappears under the water only to surface again a few moments later—a blade grass in its mouth.

Upon surfacing, each duck shakes its head violently back and forth, as if it is trying to clear the water from its ears.

Sandpipers skitter along the shoreline, poking their beaks into the mud.

Sometimes I leave bread for them.

I sit in my chair, exhale, open up, and my boundaries vanish into Her.

I breathe in and out. The wind blows and the far shore caresses my skin.

In the Vastness, the One and the Many are transcended.

In the space between thoughts, the World is perfect.

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5 thoughts on “When the World is Perfect

  1. It’s wonderful that this has been your experience… If there is more that can be said about It, I am sure that many of us would love to read about it… Certainly, having the experience of It (personally) would be preferable, but until that should be so…

    @All readers of this blog: If any of you relate to This, as Wayne described it, through your own personal experience, I would love to read about it from you as well.

  2. “In the space between thoughts, the World is perfect.”

    Well said.

    This is not an “experience”.
    It is the ever present reality beneath the morass of thoughts generated in a human mind that we all are “in” whether we notice it above the din of our mind or not.

    Stop caring what you or anyone else “think about it” and all is pristine, clear, and immanently present.

    It is not something one “achieves”.
    It is not something for “special” people.
    It is not something you can “add” to yourself like new knowledge or a technique.

    It will feel more, at first, like you are losing something until you remember that there was nothing real to “lose” in the first place.

    And the rest is best left to simply being that as words and thoughts serve to keep you seeking, not finding.

  3. This is so very interesting, I am still trapped in the ego/job/money world. My marriage ended (for the best). She/Her was looking out for both of us. When I realized this it got all better. Now I am questioning the whole relationship thing, do we really need to have a lover/wife/mother of my children to carry on? Going pretty good so far when another beautiful women appears in my life, and seems to like me but belongs to another. Feels good to talk to her without the shadow of desire creeping in although it is there, guess it always will be until it isn’t. Like Wayne I am nothing but kind to everything and everyone, I was not always that way. I scavange for things in the world and share them with others. Others then share with me. We really do not need money for anything except gas I guess. I find all my food now by scavanging. I don’t want to own anything. I gave the house to the mother of my children. I have 2 very high maintenance roommates who I give to as well. I do live in a very physically beautiful place. Still get depressed and/or anxious sometimes. Do not know if I have woken up, not a clue.

  4. @kv: Yes, well said that “In the space between thoughts, the World is perfect”.

    I see that what you say about it not actually being an “experience” is true, (because there is no individual there to be experiencing anything “beneath the morass of thoughts…that we are all “in” whether we notice it… or not”), but I couldn’t find a better word to use instead.

    And yes, I know that thinking about it is counterproductive, and that it is not for ‘special’ people, or something that you can add to yourself. The self, and the thoughts that the self create, are the barriers.

    But this, “Being that” in the space between thoughts; Is this just what you talk about because you know about it, because you have heard/read so much about it, or….?

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