Why I’m A Mystic

This video was shot yesterday outside Minden, LA. I misquoted myself—I should have said, “There is only one thing in this entire Universe which is permanent, and whatever it is you are clinging to, that ain’t it.” One of the disadvantages of the “Push ‘Record’ – Talk – Push ‘Stop'” video production method.

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It's Time To Wake Up

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It's Time Let Go

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8 thoughts on “Why I’m A Mystic

  1. Hi, Wayne,

    I just read Glenn’s blog entry and out of curiosity clicked on yours. I’m sure you will have an exponential blizzard of subscribers today. Now I know what I’ll be doing for the rest of the winter — reading/listening to your past thoughts to get caught up. I’m looking forward to your next video.

    Barbara and Max

  2. Wow, just watching your video to start my day. What an affirmation to take with me today. . . “The less there is of you, the more there is of Her.”

    Your videos are so thought provoking. Please continue them.


  3. I read your beginning story about how you became enlightened a couple of years ago. In a way I’m in a similar boat that you were in, though not quite willing to quit my time here yet. I’ve returned to your blog because I’ve been following Glenn since about six months into his journey.

    One of your recent videos mentioned how you’ve changed in the last two years. What has happened to you is explained in Dr. David R. Hawkins’ “Map of Consciousness”. For those that don’t know, it is an arbitrary scale between zero and one-thousand. It explains some bits about the path to enlightenment and god. Below 200 one is unethical. Above it one gets farther away from selfishness. People go up the scale an average of five points per lifetime. Spiritual seekers who work at it can go up much faster.

    At 600 one reaches the beginning of enlightenment. Wayne I think you were in the lower 600s two years ago. Now that you’ve moved up the scale some more you feel more aware of the presence of God and all that goes with it instead of just the stillness and emptiness of mind. Right now I’m not close to 600 but I’m much farther along than most people on Earth. At least that is something.

    If you haven’t already done so, check out Dr. Hawkins’ books and his Map of Consciousness. The whole series starts with the book “Power vs. Force”. It introduces the Map of Consciousness and explains the energy fields that surround everything and how they affect everything.

  4. Thank you Mr. (Wirs).

    After listening to the video I felt compelled to comment on my Journey and the many, many, many, many times I “felt” the need to turn left instead of right; don’t rest here rest over there; don’t stick your thumb out yet, etc, etc, etc. and someone or something would come forward to supply and immediate need or provide something I would need later. I didn’t know what to call “her” but I knew if I listened/followed her I would be fine. Following her lead worked so well and everthing fell into place almost so effortlessly, that to this day people still accuse me of lying when I tell them I had not planned my Journey ahead of time, but that I knew “this is the day” and left.

    I decided to write it out on the word processor so I could get my thought together and not lose everything I wrote due to hitting the wrong key. Long story short – It’s now well past midnight and I have to make myself stop writing and I may have the beginnings of my book.

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