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HERON LAKE SP, NM—Why do I advocate a path to Mystical Oneness rather than a leap?

Simply put, trying to go from believing you are a Mortal to recognizing Oneness is like trying to go to college directly from the sixth grade. Maybe some can do it, but most can’t.

The problem is conditioning. Anyone with access to Google can understand the nondual state in a matter of hours. Anyone with a few weeks of inquiry practice can get a glimpse of Oneness, but to get through the “gate-less gate”—to drop the personal self—one must dramatically weaken the ego… and conditioning is the power source of the ego.

To live as a Soul will dramatically weaken the ego because living as a Soul dramatically weakens conditioned fear, and fear is what pulls us back into our Mortal identity no matter how much we understand Oneness intellectually.

Understanding Oneness is only half the battle.

Research the evidence of a Soul, then live as a Soul. Live as a Soul and watch your fears (and your ego) dramatically weaken.

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