Why Simplify?


CABALLO LAKE SP, NM—I’ve been using the Hipstamatic app to create the square, B/W photos featured here of late.

One of the benefits of dramatically simplifying your photography (or office, or home, or life) is that it forces you to focus on improving what you’ve got, rather than trying to “trick-out” your camera (or office, or home, or life).

No zoom lens to get in close, no aperture control to blur the background, no shutter speed to freeze the action, no cropping to reframe the subject.

Intentionally simplifying your camera can dramatically improve your photography because it forces you to focus on just three things:

  • Composition: A pleasing layout of the image
  • Isolating the Subject: Positioning the subject so it stands out from the background
  • Tonal Range: Learning to see shadow, light and contrast

Works the same with practically anything: Get rid of the fluff and clutter, focus on the core issues, and matters will quickly improve.

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3 thoughts on “Why Simplify?

  1. Addendum: I only use the B/W “films” in the Hipstamatic app (BlacKeys SuperGrain & BlacKeys B+W), as well as only one “lens” (the John lens). Otherwise, the Hipstamatic app gets real complicated and defeats the purpose of this post.

  2. Thank you very much for this wonderful insight Wayne!!! This is so true, to simplify even works with spirituality: the more you get rid of the fluff and the clutter of the mind, the closer you get to HER…;)

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