Why You Suffer

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You suffer because you take life seriously.

You take life seriously because you were conditioned into believing you are a Mortal.

If you re-condition your thoughts into believing you are a Soul, then you will naturally stop taking life so seriously.

If you stop taking life so seriously, then your suffering will end on its own.

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7 thoughts on “Why You Suffer

  1. When I was still a lad, I coined a phrase: “Life should be taken seriously, but not very.” It is pleasant to hear you say it too. Because the fact is people don’t like it. They resist it from the very surface of their being (they don’t know the depth). They even punish the messenger. It’s tough, not being serious.

  2. I agree with Andy about how challenging not being serious can be, but practice always brings those sweet rewards. The trick remains to “keep practicing”, especially when you think you’ve gotten “good at it” .
    Bless the imortal Soul in each of us ! ( :

  3. I wonder….. is it really re-conditioning that is the answer…I don`t think I know but ….something tells me that it is something else that is needed a seeing or something…..but untill 🙂 how to practice ?

  4. Interesting journey Wayne, I can relate. Suffering is a bi-product of fighting universal law ( Love is the only truth). My ego got its ass handed to it. I fought the law and the law won is an understatement. No longer special but free (thats special :)) in Az, Mark

  5. Wayne, I’ve been reading your blog for a few days now. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you are sharing with us. So many of your insights resonate with me and are truly very helpful. Please do not be discouraged by our ignorance. We are full of it.

    Your finger is particularly good at pointing the way. And it feels so good knowing that you are part of me.

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