Your Life’s Purpose

The Fence and the Sky

HERON LAKE SP, NM—A strong sense of purpose—both selfish and selfless—can help clarify and define an otherwise mundane life. More below the break (huh?).

I’ve previously covered how to find your “self-ish” (personal) purpose in an earlier post.

To find your selfless purpose is often as simple as recognizing any altruistic service that has always attracted you—what selfless actions of others have consistently resonated with you.

For example: My “selfish” purpose is to de-condition my habitual actions and thoughts so much so that, upon my death and merging with the Light, I won’t be inadvertently torn apart from Her again.

My “selfless” purpose is to help sincere spiritual seekers find their way toward Mystical Oneness—a purpose which drives this blog and most of my other works.

I believe a big reason consumerism and ennui are so prevalent in society today is that people have lost touch with the purpose of their lives. To fill this existential hole, they spend their idle hours bouncing between one new experience after another—flitting their time away until they’ve finally run out of time altogether.

Don’t let this happen to you.

You chose this life for a reason. Figure out why and get back to living authentically.

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3 comments on “Your Life’s Purpose
  1. Randy Vining says:

    Interesting/Useful—both entries–Thanks.
    and P.S. it’s Lake Heron

  2. Wayne (Wirs) says:

    Thanks Randy (and Ellen who also spotted this). Fixed.

  3. The Artist still known as Andy says:

    In one of my little epiphanies – this one as it happens accompanied by ‘a vision’ – not that exotic actually, just like a dream image interwoven with waking reality, like a film on a wall in a lit room, for a second or two – and a lot of energy (my kidneys had been aching all morning and then suddenly fizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! all up my spine) I ‘got’ that the world was NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY and that I was FREE – utterly free, to do whatever I liked. Curiously, apart from moving job, actually I didn’t change much, but I did drop the idea of ‘purpose.’ “Life is a meaningless energy, going nowhere for no reason” (you may have heard Bill Harris quote Swami Satchinanda). Sure it’s fun to have a direction, but there’s nothing wrong with meandering and just sightseeing either (IMHO).

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