A Blank Canvas

The Stealth Camper

The Stealth Camper

WICKHAM CP, FL—My salesman, Dan, said he’d never seen one with windows all around—his customers always ordering the solid sides since they use them to haul cargo. He said I was super lucky to find one with windows at all, that there had only been one in the entire southeastern US but by some bizarre coincidence, that one just happened to be sitting on the lot of a dealer across town. I nodded and smiled and said, “Hmm, imagine that” like this stuff happens to me all the time (which of course it does, but he didn’t know that).

We finished up and Dan said it was one of the smoothest deals he’d ever done. Even though I got more for my old truck and paid less than I expected for the new van, both of us were happy and Dan said that he wished all his sales were this easy.

It was easy too… it flowed. And when it did get clunky, when the paperwork guy tried to pitch me on the extended warranty, the dent and scratch repair, theft protection… all that “be afraid, be afraid” stuff, I just smiled and shook my head and said “Yeah… I won’t be needing any of that.”

It’s a Nissan NV. A big empty box. A blank canvas. It has the same footprint as my old truck, but high enough that I can stand up in it.

It should make an excellent stealth camper.

The plan is to slap together a temporary interior: move the solar over, add a floor, some insulation, a dresser, and a sofa/bed—then hit the road by October 1 for the fall season. Come winter, I’ll return to Florida and outfit it a bit more seriously (maybe).


Interior View From The Rear

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13 thoughts on “A Blank Canvas

  1. SO happy for you!!! And not surprised at all that the whole sale flowed!! ANd am so with you on the “fear, fear” warranty crap!!! LOL

  2. These Cinderella lyrics came to mind: “In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be.” You’ve launched some counterpart of that. What a fine-looking van.

  3. Nice Van to customize for your journey’s this Fall.Looking forward to some nice Fall pic’s and what She is going to bring forth for you.Good Luck.Dave.

  4. I live on the Mass/NH border Wayne. Give me a shout when you come up this way and I will try to point you to some local attractions. There are lots of nice areas around here.

  5. I suspect you won’t say much about converting it, because that would change the orientation of your blog. If so, I hope you consider having a second blog (a freebie on blogspot) dedicated to converting this van.

    Heck, you might even change my future plans about the next rig.

  6. Hello,
    I also have a 2013 NV2500 Hightop.. Loved watching your video on Enigmatic fanatic channel…really like how you did your van..

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