A Day in the Life of a Soul

My Sister's Memorial

My Sister’s Memorial

WICKHAM CP, FL—To live as a Soul is to remember that everything is temporary, nothing can be possessed, everything will be forgotten, and Life never ends.

I climbed out of bed, my lower back aching from having slept on it wrong or lifting something wrong or just sympathy pain for my father’s back pain. I wasn’t concerned, the pain would be gone in a hour or day or week. Nothing lasts for a Soul. Things come, they go, and they’re forgotten.

I sat in a coffee shop, writing some code and in the corner sat some old men complaining and moaning about the state of the world and politics and things that I couldn’t see so I surmised these important and stressful things were in their minds and I smiled and thought how silly it is to get worked up about mental fluff and how fleeting and temporary and soon forgotten these things are, whether a stubbed toe or a nuclear war.

Later, I took my dad to the chiropractor and on the way he talked about his past, but couldn’t remember his present and I thought I too Dad will soon forget all this when I die and merge and separate and come back with the Great Amnesia that allows us to forgive and forget and to start anew.

In the waiting room a woman and her mother were cynically judging the news on the fancy TV and were getting frustrated and worked up even though the crisis of the moment would be forgotten just as soon as next week’s crisis came along.

Others sat in the room, concerned about their pain or their health or their future and I thought how odd I am and how lucky I am that I’m not concerned about my pain or my health or my future because I know this is all a fleeting moment in my thousands and thousands of years and the lives and lives ahead of me, all to be lived, all to be released, all to be forgotten.

Back at the condo, I sat with my dad and waited for my mother to return from her own doctor’s visit, and the moment—being all there was—was passed quietly and pleasantly and I felt a deep love for him knowing he’d soon pass and I’d soon pass and everything I knew or know would vanish from memory, and in acknowledging that nothing can be held made the love I felt for him sweeter and purer and untainted by need or desire.

My mother returned and related her day and the busy schedule ahead and I felt her gratitude and I felt the pure love pour from me for she too would soon be gone as my father would be as I would be as all would be and nothing can be held or kept or possessed and I smiled and we hugged and she pushed some leftovers on me and I left for my temporary rig in my temporary camp in the temporary campground and my future was uncertain and where I’d live was uncertain and what I’d do was uncertain and none of it mattered since none of it is permanent and none of it can be held or taken or possessed and this life will end and another begun and all will be forgotten as I have been living and dying a thousand times over the eons and eternities before ‘me.’

And as I sit here typing this, I think of you and hope you take this day to heart and see for yourself the beauty and purity of living as a Soul—a Soul who lives forever… but only in the Moment.

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6 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Soul

  1. Feeling so relaxed and in the present moment after reading your text, it really is pure, sweet, calming the mind … thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for this post, Wayne. I’ve read many of your posts and haven’t written, but have been deeply blessed. My daughter is moving 2,000 miles away with my 5-year-old granddaughter to be with a young man. I’ve raised my granddaughter from birth with my daughter, and she is more like my own child than a grandchild. I’m deeply concerned for my grandchild’s well being, the longterm effect of her losing me as a daily source of love and support, and I also grieve the loss of her. She is with me for another month before she leaves. Because my daughter and my granddaughter need me so much, I have worked very hard to stay in a place of love, even though my heart is in a panic at times. This horrible experience has motivated me to be in the moment, to treasure the beauty of life with this baby girl, and to show kindness and love to my daughter. The only way I can do this is to practice non-attachment, to let go of the future. The immediate moment has much less fear and pain than the future, and much more love and grace. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I find your writing deeply informative to my own spiritual practice. Much love to you and your contribution to this world.

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