A Night in the Casino

Street Light In a Parking Lot

Street Light In a Parking Lot

SANDIA CASINO, ALBUQUERQUE, NM—I stood in the casino and opened. It was busy, a Friday night, and all the tables were filled and the noise was loud and the slot machines were spinning with nonstop activity.

I leaned against the wall and sipped my drink and surrendered and opened and wished everyone luck and within seconds, a young woman came up to me and started to flirt but soon relaxed and moved past her intentions and told me of her upcoming settlement from a car accident and She spoke through this ‘me’ and told her not to squander it but use it to pursue her dream… the dream she’s always had since she was a little girl, the meaning of her life, and she looked at me and hugged me and smiled with a tear in her eye and gratitude on her face and suddenly hurried away in embarrassment.

Moments later a huge man walked up, towering over me and asked if I was a preacher. He said there was a light around me and that he liked my look, the flip flops and tee-shirt and jeans. He was mentally slow, but happy and he said he could see angels and he was drawn to me. He was very proud of his Saint Christopher’s medal, but I touched the peace symbol he also wore and pointed out that normally it is surrounded by a circle but his was encased in a heart and I/She/We looked him in the eye and made sure he was listening and said that peace always comes from the heart and never from the head and that he was very lucky in this way—far luckier than most.

I/She/We then pointed to the room filled with people placing chips and spinning slots and said each of these people has the Light within them also, but like a flower that has yet to bloom, their minds block this Light, and unlike you and I who know the Truth that the Light shines from the heart and not the head and he was silent a moment and then a glow came to his face and he smiled and grasped me in a huge hug and tears came to my eyes because I was so happy and grateful to have been there when She touched such a gentle soul.


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14 thoughts on “A Night in the Casino

  1. Oh gosh Wayne, I love that surrender in the Casino story. LOVE IT!!!
    Adano used to say the Universe fulfills needs. Funny how loosing your money created a need to win it back. And you just sat back and let it slither right in and fill up that hole in your wallet. You are so much fun to watch. No kidding You just tickle me.

  2. Lol! Fabulous. It’s so beautiful when that happens–and humbling. I had an autistic student last fall with an IQ of 170. He was brilliant–to the point where most of his instructors were scared of him. That coupled with the fact that he was prone to seizures and had absolutely no social filter. The very first day of class he told me that ‘I smelled.’
    I laughed so hard at his bluntness that I think it shocked him–and he quickly added that I smelled ‘unusual.’Like two different types of perfumes mixed. I confirmed that I was indeed wearing two different types of perfumes– and from that point on he chattered on at me incessantly. I often had to quiet him so the other students could get a word in.

    His mother came to class in a couple of days later to ask how he was getting on. I told her he was great! She got teary with me, and said I was the only teacher he had that he seemed comfortable with. She then said she needed to tell me something that I might find odd. She said her son ‘saw things.’ He often described people in terms of their ‘light.’ That people had auras. He also described people in a sort of ‘tactile’ sense. She explained to me that when he described someone as ‘sandpaper’–that was not a good thing to him. But according to her son, Miss Frankie was ‘fluffy’– and had a white light coming out of her heart. I think the most beautiful thing that she conveyed that day was that her son had said to her, “Miss Frankie is different, mom. She’s different like me.” I don’t think I’ve ever received a nicer compliment.(My nephew is austistic–these children are so perceptive.)
    Sorry if I have overstepped here Wayne. Just wanted to share. Posts like the one above speak to me. It really is wonderful.

  3. You may be unknown but you are brilliant. Between your great photos and your ‘never before seen anywhere’ insights are amazing. I see you said that your ‘unknowness’ is because of lack of focus…i have the same issue but if they only knew. I said this before, you have a gift for the world…truly. And its 50/50, photos and awareness. Thanks Wayne

  4. Frankie,
    Thank You so much for your story. Tears well up when I feel this young mans experience of being seen and heard. How wonderful that he was wonderful to you.
    In a little school room, somewhere in this big world, a child was allowed to express his individual brilliance because his teacher beheld him.
    In a quiet corner of a ringing Casino, a flirty woman found her way back to her realness and a slower man was quickened because they were beautiful to a fellow who blessed the gamblers, drank his drink, and made room for more love in this world.

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