An Early Morning Dream

The Dark and the Light

The Dark and the Light

WICKHAM CP, FL—A dream this morning:

I stand on the black asphalt of the parking lot. You stand next to me on the raised white sidewalk. I stand on the dark, you stand on the light. I stand down low, you stand on high. My position in the parking lot is more dangerous, yours upon the sidewalk is safer.

I say God is here and now and can be known directly. You say God is above and mysterious and unknowable. I say there are no rules, you say there are many.

I point to the dark, lowly asphalt then to the raised, light sidewalk and I say, “Our positions are supported by the earth. Our skin is warmed by the sun. Our bodies are nourished by the air. What difference the details, when what we share is far more important?”

It’s easy to argue the obvious differences while ignoring the greater implications.

It’s also foolish.

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3 thoughts on “An Early Morning Dream

  1. Well said. It is just my ego that wants to make me separate and different from everyone else, and better, while ignoring the much more important aspects of our common humanity.

    • I suspect you’re not alone in those feelings Arthur, indeed, it is said that all characters in a dream are aspects of ourselves—so you see, on some unconscious level, I still wrestle with those feelings too.

  2. I agree Wayne.
    Both the YOU and I in your dream are you.
    Now to apply that to my own dream. I longed to hear an old boyfriend sing. I followed him to a church where he was going to sing four songs. but he was illusive and the service droned. I never got to hear his wonderful singing voice. Because of your dream, I know I am the one, metaphorically trying to sing, but surrounding orthodoxy prevents it.

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