An Early Morning Miracle

One of Many Overlooked That Day

One of Many Overlooked That Day

WICKHAM CP, FL—Out of the Darkness, I began to take form and I awoke with a feeling of fear.

My mind questioned my intentions, to spend more than half my savings on what amounted to a cargo van, a simple shell of metal with wheels that I could purchase used for a tenth of the price and I looked at this thought—not the content, not the reasons, but the thought itself—and in looking at it, at the feel of it, at the power of the fear and the trying and the desire for control behind it—out of the Darkness of my mind the thought-thing took shape and form and texture and in the stream of Awareness it took on all the solidity of a cold and hard boulder sitting in the flowing river of Life.

I could easily take this rock, this seemingly solid and heavy burden, into my heart, and for most of my life I had done just that—taken all the problems in my life, all the fears, all the doubts, all the self-serving desires and placed them into my heart and made them my own and made them ME—but that is such a painful way of living and I want nothing more to do with it.

So I released my grip on it, and like being the water flowing around that old hard boulder/thought-thing in the stream, I watched this problem—which had tried to take possession of me—recede into the distance.

It was exactly 3:30 in the morning and I turned on my internet connection and heard the ‘bing’ of an email and I read a message from Michelle from exactly two minutes earlier (3:28 am Eastern Time) on how she was wrestling with her doubts and fears and direction and I lay back in awe and gratitude at the synchronicity and the connection and the evidence of God Herself.

Have faith Michelle.

Are you the cold hard Rocks?

Or are you the Stream?

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