An Experiment And A Possible Mistake

The Empty Await

The Empty Await

CLINTON, MS—I signed up with a course with Adyashanti called “Experiencing No-Self” which is about adapting to life after awakening.

Last night was the first video and, as with most teachers, he uses a different terminology for similar terms: His Transcendence is my Radiance, his No-Self is my Emptiness, his Infinite is my Her.

While last night’s video was mostly a clarification of his terms, one of the things that “twerked” me during the video was maybe I’ve been integrating Emptiness and Radiance backwards.

I’ve often said that in Emptiness, there is no reason to do anything—there is no motivation—since in Emptiness (no boundaries, no “you”), everything, being one, feels the same. Nothing needs to be done.

So in order to operate in the world, I have always “dropped back” into Radiance, and used the portal like a car to drive about in the world. This allows the She/We/I to function in everyday life. (Note: Before Emptiness, the portal is “you,” after Emptiness, the portal is just a mental contraction.)


The “twerk” I felt was maybe what I should do (at least it’s something I’m going to experiment with) is from within Emptiness bring Radiance—less the portal—into the Emptiness. From a very theoretical point, this would translate into letting the Light/God/Her be the motivation. To let Her run everything. No Wayne-thing (portal/ego-tool), just pure Intuition/Whispers/Surrender.

I mean really, why not?

I’ve only been playing with it for a few hours, but it feels a lot like what I used to call (back in 2009) the Enlightenment of Oneness but with a much stronger Divine component inspiring action/direction.

Rather than, “doing what She says” (as has been my current form of integration), it feels more like, “riding the winds.”

My mind says, “Don’t post this yet,” (I had written Adyashanti a question about the flip/flopping), “wait to see what he says first,” but screw it, that’s just mental fear.

If anything, I expect this experiment will reveal any residual ego-knots—knots which could probably use a good massage.

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2 thoughts on “An Experiment And A Possible Mistake

  1. Oh lovin’ that phrase..” Ride the wind”.
    It alone conjures up the willingness. I can almost grasp the mane of the giant steed and let it carry me.

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