And This Concludes Our Test of the…

CITY OF ROCKS SP, NM—And this concludes our test of the Transparent Journal Experiment.

I hope you didn’t find it all too boring. I hope it revealed some of the inner and outer workings of this odd life:

  • What it is like to have a duplex personality
  • Or to have a day-to-day intimate relationship with the Divine
  • How synchronistic events happen almost daily, often multiple times a day
  • About not trying to fix a noisy mind, but transcend it
  • About how solitude and a simple life can expand one’s inner vistas
  • How flowing with life by not trying to win all the time, helps us feel one with Life
  • How having access to the Divine doesn’t mean understanding Her will or plans
  • How the Levels in theory are much softer in action, how they ebb and flow continuously
  • How creativity soars when there is less mental energy devoted to the self
  • How when the Lower Levels yell for attention, guided meditations and practices can help

But mostly I hope you have seen that no matter how far along the Spiritual path you travel, you are still stuck here on Earth, in a human body, with a human mind, and human conditioning—and that none of it needs to be taken seriously.

And all that… in less than two weeks.

We now take you back to our regularly scheduled program.

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10 thoughts on “And This Concludes Our Test of the…

  1. Nice journey Wayne. Thanks for sharing and welcome back !
    What an exciting time it is to “be” on this planet at this time
    of unprecedented development and change.
    Happy Days out there! “In Joy”, Donna

  2. The photo seems to show the relationship of the no-thing and the some-thing. Between the two stands man. As always, thanks for the post and the photography.

    • That wasn’t the intention, but hell, I’m just glad someone looks at the pictures. 🙂

      I had climbed on one of those tall rocks, not to get a picture, but just for the view, and the rock was on the edge of a small cliff and I saw the shadow and just snapped the shot.

  3. I hope you will keep posting regularly. Your writing goes well with morning coffee. (There is no higher praise.) Thanks for the blog.

  4. Hi Wayne

    What a pity you concluded your test – I enjoy the daily news flash – I normally read it in the morning when I’m waiting somewhere in traffic jam. Helps me to have a clear perspective on my day.
    As for me: please continue!

    Kind Regards

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