As Life Settles In

A Soft Light on Toadstools

A Soft Light on Toadstools

WICKHAM CP, FL—My main reason for considering modifying my nomadic ways from full-time to part-time, was because of concern for my aging parents. With Dad not driving and Mom in an odd cancer-limbo-sort-of state (no new growth but still being treated once a month with an experimental medication), I felt I needed to be physically more accessible to them than when I was roaming about half-way across the country.

Though things are still a bit hectic here—we’re prepping to get the folks moved into my sister’s old place—things have relaxed a bit since the trauma of Tracy’s death and all the emotional turmoil surrounding it.

In other words, I expect life for my parents to return to its normal groove once they get moved into their new place. Indeed, I’ve been quite surprised how self-sufficient and energetic my mother is—she’s really quite the little dynamo.

Where I originally thought I’d be ‘locked into’ central Florida most of the time looking after the folks, now—with things calming down and a clearer understanding of the situation—I’m looking at the Florida condo (my parents’ soon to be vacated place) as more of a ‘reusable rest stop’ than a permanent home. I’m starting to think of it as a place I’ll ‘camp in’ while I take extended road trips throughout the year.

So my current plan is:

  • Get the folks moved into their new place.
  • Put the trailer in storage and set up camp in their old place.
  • Buy a van (Nissan NV?) and outfit it as a stealth camper.
  • Start taking 1-4 month road trips.

At least that’s the current plan. But then you know how that goes.

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