Baby Showers and the Mother-Son Connection

Morning Dew on Yellow Petals

Morning Dew on Yellow Petals

WICKHAM CP, FL—I ran into my mother at the old condo a few moments ago. I was there to take some measurements of a couple dressers that I’ll be using in the van, and she was there sorting through some of the stuff we hadn’t moved yet.

She said she had something to tell me and though I knew it had something to do with The Night of the Burning Trailer, we hadn’t seen or talked to each other for about a week so it could have been about anything.

She said the other night she couldn’t sleep, that her mind was filled with thoughts of textiles of all things (fabrics) and she couldn’t figure out why (she didn’t know I was contemplating covering the van walls with fabric).

She had also been trying to decide whether to head down to my niece’s baby shower next week (three hours away). Suddenly, still not able to sleep, she heard a shout, “Don’t go!”

The next morning, she checked my blog and thought my trailer had burned down and was shocked to see that I couldn’t sleep that night either.

Tough evening all around.

When she told me this, I pointed out that this was more evidence—powerful evidence—that She/God’s real, that maybe the mother-son connection is giving her greater access to Her and that the synchronicites of the fabrics and the sleepless night were Her way of reinforcing Her message (don’t go!)

Mom said it wasn’t really a voice, that it was hard to describe exactly what it was. I know what she means, that it’s almost like a new sense, like the sense of smell or taste, and since there’s nothing to compare it to there are simply no words to describe it. That maybe Mom was learning to hear Her whispers too.

I assured her that I didn’t feel anything bad happening at the baby shower, but that if she did go, she’d probably have a car accident either on the way there or on the way back.

It’s hard to have that kind of faith in the Mysterious, but I’m sure my niece will understand.

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3 thoughts on “Baby Showers and the Mother-Son Connection

  1. If you do decide to use fabric in your van make sure its FLAME Retardant treated! Because untreated fabric will catch fire and burn quickly!! Im flying in Oct, I had made my reservation already but a week later a thought kept calling to me to come back BEFORE Friday, so I switched my flight to Wednesday, SO Now I have to wonder was that to get me out of trouble or to put me in harms way…I guess I will know when its all said and done.

  2. as soony says in ‘the best exotic marigold hotel’ – “it will be alright in the end and if it’s not alright it’s because it’s not the end” 🙂

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