Bathing in Nature

The Van and the Lake

The Van and the Lake

MODOC, SC—At a Corps of Engineers boat ramp, two trucks were parked next to each other, but no one was around. An empty roof rack suggested the pair were canoeing or kayaking on the lake.

I found a secluded spot with a smooth shoreline and ample sun and stripped down and bathed and washed my hair.

Such a simple act, yet it felt almost holy bathing in a lake in the wilderness.

Standing on the shore, the sun warming and drying my skin, I felt happy.

I felt free.

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5 thoughts on “Bathing in Nature

  1. wayne,

    in a completely out of character, geeky type moment i google mapped your last 2 destinations and found them to be a 37 minute drive apart. what was your journey time?

    my buddhist teacher akong tulku rinpoche died a few days ago in chengdu in rather horrible circumstances.

    reading your posts and having google map your journey for me somehow took away a bit of the pain,



  2. Reminds me of travelling around Ghana a few years ago with some friends. At a perfect waterfall we all stripped and bathed and basked in the holiness of the waterfall. It really was sacred. 🙂

  3. Freedom is the absence of barriers. Not long ago I realized that everything I do in life is aimed toward being free. One day it might happen. The thing is I have no idea what I would do with it. Unless I could actually live in the moment all of the time I really wouldn’t ever be free. That brings me to another realization; If I could live in the moment right here and now as I am, with all of the baggage I imagine is holding me down, I do believe I would be just as free. Getting rid of un-needed physical possessions would just be a temporary stop gap on the way to being free. Thus I don’t see that as a solution.

    I don’t know how to let go of it all and to just accept being here, as I am, with what I’ve got. Somehow I don’t see it lasting unless I have money, food, and shelter. What is a good book that can explain the solution to this conundrum? Maybe just a few words of advice from anybody would be just the key to my situation. Chime in one and all.

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