Beautiful Creatures

What the Creature Saw

CABALLO LAKE SP, NM—Sitting at my desk, reading, I caught a glimpse through the window of a large dark animal—ten, twelve feet across—leaping into the brush.

In a split second, my eyes focused on this magnificent beast and I watched as my mind categorized it, identified it, and then stilled in appreciation.

I sat there at my desk, watching out the window as this beautiful creature huddled in the brush, still and silent, staring at me… staring at him. Gradually—timidly—it would creep forth into the grass and resume feeding.

Some unknown noise or movement would startle it, and it would leap again for the safety of the brush, where it would sit—silent and watchful—until it felt it was safe to return to its meal.

This wonderful animal, so hungry, so large, yet so afraid.

Over and over the cycle continued. Feed, flee, watch, wait, creep forth.

I watched this beautiful creature for a full half-hour, it was so magnificent and mysterious.

A flock of birds, feeding in the grass.

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3 thoughts on “Beautiful Creatures

  1. Hi Wayne, nice to meet you. Your encounter sounds captivating. I liked the suspense… birds. I live up two stories high and saw three seagulls fighting over a piece of bread. It was short, but it felt intimate to be their eye-level witness. Not sure what they were doing so far inland between the urban high-rise, but that exception made it all the purer.

    I stumbled across your blog when Googling ‘enlightenment emotions’. I keep re-Googling enlightenment in various combinations, because I can’t make sense of what’s happening to me. Or rather, I can’t believe the clear audibility of my heart and the sudden silence of my mind.

    I figured maybe you’d guide me to an earlier blog where you explain about establishing whether someone (I) could really be so lucky as to accidentally become enlightened.

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