Complete Surrender

Fence on a Path to the Sun

LEASBURG DAM SP, NM—From my journal

Date: January 28, 2013 7:46 AM 

Complete Surrender

In practicing complete surrender to Her (my reason to live?), it becomes immediately apparent that all resistance comes from within.

Insight: ALL of humanity’s problems come from within… from the sense of self.

There is no need to FIX ourselves—ala psychology, religion, self-help—there is only the need to recognize (and then decondition) the false assumption that we are the self.

In other words: If we stopped taking our inner self so seriously, practically all our problems would go away.

I should make a placard:

If you are having problems, it is because you are taking your inner self too seriously.

Date: January 28, 2013 9:29 AM 

Follow Up

An insight from the previous post—maybe a little negative reinforcement will help:

If you take your inner self too seriously, you WILL create problems for both yourself and others.

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9 thoughts on “Complete Surrender

  1. Hey Wayne, just wanted to say I’m loving ur posts inc the journal entries. All ur thoughts are very interesting. I’m traveling thru India at the moment so not always able to comment when I want but always read ur posts as soon as I can 🙂

  2. Myself used to have a little saying which ‘I’ would trot out now and then in my writing – because it doesn’t work verbally: “Life should be taken seriously – but not very.” However, as no-one seemed to get it, this may be the first time I have trotted it out in a decade. The main import of this comment being not the phrase itself (which merely preverberates this journal post) but how difficult it is to find spiritual companionship. Indeed, I still wonder if there is any such thing.

  3. Coincidentally listening to a fellow who did a 28 day cleanse which he says, broke free the accumulated cellular patterning from old negatively imprinted tissue. As his kidneys and organs got free of fear laden memories..he became more clear and a conduit for creative source with new insights and ideas flowing.

  4. Just a quick response to Carol’s post. The bodymind is a self-programming bio-organism which creates an ‘identity’, which is not ‘real’ or, if you prefer, does not actually exist, except as a perception in its own mind (and, by projection, in those of others). The personality is in this sense like a ‘career’, which is nothing more than a series of jobs viewed in hindsight. There may or may not be a pattern or ‘consistency’. (The mind wants however for it to ‘make sense’ hehe :-)) It follows that if you do something different, you are different.

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