Dancing With The Beloved

The Fall Upward

The Fall Upward

MELBOURNE, FL—I so suck at these things, I should have written and uploaded this post last night so the email subscribers get it on Thanksgiving and not the day after, but then, maybe it would have gotten lost in the maelstrom….

The Buddhists will tell you that it is a blessing to be born human because only humans can find enlightenment.

The Mystic would say that it is a blessing to be born human because it is only humans (at least on this planet) who can learn to relax their egos and become closer to God/Her/The Divine.

Though all animals (and humans) are born into God, it is only people—by transcending the self—who can come to realize their oneness with God.

It is only humans who are invited to dance with Her—to dance with God Herself—and that is something we can all be grateful for.

But I’ll let you in on a little known secret: Even if you don’t realize it—every day and every hour… you dance with God. And regardless of your knowledge or awareness or even belief in Her, She is so very, very, grateful for the dance.

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8 thoughts on “Dancing With The Beloved

  1. Pleased to get this today Wayne. The poor little ego struggles to understand ‘why bad things happen’.

  2. Every day is a Thanksgiving Day, but it’s nice to acknowledge and celebrate this communally.

    Whenever I hear that bit about “only humans can realize enlightenment,” I wonder. “Says who?” How does anybody know this? Some cosmologies propose that the real evolution (at least spiritually) is toward simplicity, not complexity. And some Native American traditions say our animal brothers and sisters are more spiritually advanced than humans… that we are the new kids on the block who need guidance from nature and fellow creatures.

    Do I know? No. So the idea that other people can have such sureness about this intrigues me. Do the Buddhists and mystics hold this as a best guess, an inner knowing, a revelation, or what? I’m not asking anyone in particular, just (still) wondering aloud.

    I thought I was done, but some tidbits came to mind. I think the Buddhists used to hold that women could not become enlightened. And I heard on a video that Ramana Maharshi’s beloved cow was believed to have become enlightened either before or after Ramana’s death.

    None of this may matter at all. So back to what I started with:
    Happy Thanksgiving, All.

      • I appreciate the reference, Wayne. Ken Wilbur has been on the fringes of my awareness for a long time and I’m glad to be better acquainted with him and his perspectives.

        For me, the key question is whether the quality of consciousness differs between species and over time. So as Ken talks about his various (or variously-named) three stages, I am trying to figure out if these represent changes in basic consciousness or a human sequence of 1) being conscious, 2) overlaying consciousness with concepts, and 3) realizing we’ve done that (which all by itself clears up a lot of things).

        Again, thank you for treating my ruminations with such wisdom and consideration. Till now, my main confidants have been my husband and a few close friends.

  3. This was an unexpected pleasure. Due to flight delays I am spending Thanksgiving at the Houston airport. Had a brief moment of self concern.. But remembered that what goes on in my mind is not important. Thank you.

  4. Thank you Wayne! More often than not, your words either make me tear up, or cause me to connect with Her if only for a moment, as if they are reminding me of my essential Truth. The Divine positively oozes from your words. Love and light to you 🙂

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