Dehumidifying and Recharging

The Dock and the Fall

The Dock and the Fall

DAVID CROCKETT SP, LAWRENCEBURG, TN—I’m currently sitting in a pleasant state park, dehumidifying and recharging the van—which basically means I sitting in the sun with the windows open.

The weather has been drizzly and drippy and generally yucky the last few days, which led to a lot of moisture buildup inside the van. Even with a couple of Damp-Rids hanging in the rig, the wet shoes and clothes and air were just too much for them. Additionally, the gloomy skies have meant practically no charge going to the battery bank—though with a 300 amp hour capacity, I expect I could have gone another two, maybe three days. Still, I’m grateful for the sunny day today—to dry things out and to charge things up. Indeed, the weather is perfect: clear blue skies, multicolor leaves, no humidity, a gentle breeze, and a pleasant temperature. A perfect Fall day.

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