Do You Fear Death?

Unmarked Grave in the Wilderness


If so, please take the time to read this post from Nov, 2010.

There is overwhelming evidence that the Soul is as real as your body is.

There is zero evidence that we blink out at death.

Think about that. People often make the mistaken assumption that they are their thoughts, but if you’ve done the Frog Master Practice, then you know that you are separate from your mind and thoughts—and therefore the observer of your thoughts. If you do this simple 2-hour practice, it will negate the assumption that you are your thoughts.

Even with all the evidence of eternal life—even with believing you are a Soul—some people still feel sad that they will be leaving loved ones behind. I don’t believe this though. When you review accounts of past life recollections, many people (if not most), will tell you that loved ones from their current lives were also intimately involved with their past lives. So don’t sweat your fears, your loved ones aren’t going to desert you.

There is no reason to take this life seriously. Live it the way you want to, free of fear. You don’t die. There’s nothing to worry about. Life continues on and on and on. You came back to learn and grow, so stop letting fear rule your life and get on with growing and living.

When you lose the fear of death, you lose all mental fear.

And when you lose your mental fears, then you are free to truly live the life you want.

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5 thoughts on “Do You Fear Death?

  1. I appreciate death as the creator’s finest achievement. Without death, one day of life would be worthless, as is anything in unlimited supply. On the other hand, knowing a long life offers a mere 25,000 days gives each day a sense of urgency otherwise impossible. (You don’t think $25,000 is a lot of money, do you?)

    And yet death, like all of reality, is an illusion — “albeit a very persistent one,” as Einstein said.

    Reincarnation — which, incidentally, is the central idea in my novel “The Soul Gene” — is clearly possible, but whatever happens after one dies is a secret that should never be revealed, lest the magic that is everything and everyone be ruined for all time.

    Relish the mystery.

  2. Strange side-effect of being nearly dead twice, it is not terrifying. I am more afraid of slipping into it unconsciously.

  3. I don’t think that I fear death. I am, however, so very grateful for the life and experiences I have had. I’m not done yet, so I’m not in a hurry to die. But, if I did die I would be satisfied.

  4. Fear death? No more than a drop of water in the ocean fears evaporation only to be rained down to nourish a tree that grows an apple that feeds a child and on and on. What is there to fear when we just return to the source we emerged from.

  5. fear death….i sorrow for those loves i have lost, but i know they are fine and keep talking to them. my own death i dont fear i will welcome it whit curiosity and greatfullness since i live in a body that have alot of physical pain every day. BUT i LOVE my life and all the beauty and love in it <3

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