Enlightenment and the Soul

The Body Vehicle

The Body Vehicle

WICKHAM CP, FL—I often hear from theoretical nondualists—people whom enlightenment is a concept based on research rather than what is experienced during day-to-day life—that the Soul is just another illusion and therefore I obviously can’t be enlightened since I’m such a proponent of the Soul.

This post isn’t to prove or disprove whether I’m enlightened or not (I don’t care what people think of this Wayne-thing), but to point out the flaw in the above argument.

The Soul is real. It is just as real as an electron, a photon of light, or any of the 11 dimensions required for string-theory. Just as you can’t see an electron, photon, or higher dimension, you can’t see a Soul. Nor can you measure a Soul (and ditto the higher dimensions of string-theory), but there is ample evidence for all these things—including the Soul.

Theoretical nondualists will argue, “No! Everything is One! All separation is Illusion! You’re a fool and hypocrite for stating otherwise!” but Unity is only half the story—indeed, Unity is a nice theory, a rational theory, but in the end it is all theoretical BS.

The flaw in this logic is confusing unity with identity.

Enlightenment isn’t about just understanding that all is One (it is), but in no longer identifying with anything (believing in who or what you are):

  • No longer believing that you are a body
  • No longer believing that you are an ego (the personal self)
  • No longer believing that you are a Soul
  • No longer believing that you are Radiance (an opening for the Divine)
  • No longer believing that you are Emptiness
  • No longer believing that you are anything

Enlightenment has nothing to do with Unity vs Separation—about One Thing vs Many Things. It’s all about realizing that you are not anything that your mind thinks that you are.

The mystic lives in paradox. The mystic lives between the two truths of Unity and Separation—and the reason the mystic lives between them is because he can’t exist in either place. He can’t because he knows that “he” doesn’t exist (as odd as that sounds).

I acknowledge my body.
I acknowledge my ego.
I acknowledge my Soul.
I acknowledge my Radiance.
I acknowledge my Emptiness.

But—just like I am not my body—I am none of these things.

I see and experience Life through these things, but I am none of them. They are simply my vehicles.

Don’t confuse nondual awareness (unity awareness) with enlightenment. Don’t confuse One Thing with no-self.

My point (of this convoluted post) is: Don’t call these vehicles illusions—they are very real—but don’t confuse yourself to be one of these vehicles either.


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10 thoughts on “Enlightenment and the Soul

  1. Um, if physicists can detect the Higgs Boson, they can “see” electrons, too, no?

    Whatever. In the end, it doesn’t matter if the soul is “real” or not. For what is reality but an elaborate magic? All of matter consists of atoms, which themselves are mostly empty, i.e., almost not extant.

    The soul feels real to us, and that’s enough. Most of us sense that we are something more than a biological contraption, else we are lying in order to appear clever.

    Read “The Soul Gene”!

  2. I’ve stopped trying to iron out the details of my cosmology or whether I believe in advaita or some dualistic bhakti. I am only concerned with my “state”. I am attuned to my state, when I close my eyes, it is always there waiting for me. I know the no-mind state, samadhi, and can readily go there, just by closing my eyes. I know the open heart state, and can readily go there with yoga and kirtan. I also have experienced what I call “the deep and wide” state but I cannot control it and have only experienced it through the grace of God. What is soul? I have no idea.

  3. Dear Wayne, Having a clear, strong understanding of Transition does make life here in fourth dimension just seem to flow with more ease. Cheers !
    ( =

  4. So interesting you present a human hand now as you tred the ethers and say goodbye to your sister, When Mom left her body here, I photographed her quietly folded hands.

  5. Wayne,

    Thank you for this timely post. It helps illuminate the teaching in A Course in Miracles: that the world is illusion (including all “vehicles” you listed.) The Course says that we are all part of One Mind of the Son of God, who is dreaming – making up the world and all of us, who are all part of the One Mind, are just part of the dream.

    As interesting as this might (or not)) be, the important thing is our state, as Mark pointed out. When I think I am my body or any of those other “vehicles”, I am invested in that point of view. When the “I” drops away (is seen as merely a vehicle), true living happens. Does that make sense?

    With appreciation,

  6. Dear Wayne,

    I recently was listening to Tom Campbell (check for instance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFUHD5GsQgE), and noticed many similarities to your ideas, although he is approaching them from a different angle. He’s a physicist who experimented with out of body experiences and combined his findings into a Theory Of Everything. In short, he states that reality is virtual, based on consciousness, and works towards love. What you call ‘her’ he calls ‘the larger consciousness system (LCS)’ – and although he describes it in rather impersonal terms, the LCS will ‘help’ you depending on your intent. It will work for you when your intent is selfless, but it tends to backfire when your intent is self-aggrandizing. You have said the same about how synchronicities will come on your path.

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