Failing Her

The Lizard and the Rabbit

The Lizard and the Rabbit

WICKHAM CP, FL—At 5 am, She woke me from a dream and told me to get up and go take some photos but I was so tired and it was so dark and I rolled over and tried to get back to sleep.

An hour later—sick of arguing with Her—I dragged my butt out of bed and splashed some water on my face and grabbed my camera and got in the truck.

Not knowing where I was heading, I followed Her whispers and turned left here and right there and ended up on a deserted street in an artsy area of Melbourne.

The light was subdued and it wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too muggy so I strolled about and shot a few photos and I was glad to be up now but I know I had missed whatever it was She had been trying to show me at 5 am in the morning.

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6 thoughts on “Failing Her

  1. Since getting up I’ve said a prayer and read your post, all Yahwah has done is kick me in the head about something, about making a comment.

    Along with the kick came a question that went something like “Are you sure you’ve failed Her?”

    Thats all I get “kicks” and maybe a spark to do something or a sentence/question/answer, no whispers, no arguments, if i don’t follow the kick I get kicked a little harder for a while. If somethings done right the kicks will stop, if i’ve done something wrong everything will feel wrong and maybe another kick to tell me.

    I surrendered my life to God a few years ago, I had no teacher and no one with experience or knowledge. Except for The One, The Guide, The All Knowing, Her/Yahwah/God/Allah so to get anywhere it was the only way. Surrender to God, to do my prayers, practice and trust that I’ll get guided at the moment it’s needed. Finding your blog, starting my meditations, taking walks, seeing what I would not have noticed before, all guidance at a pace that God’s happy with. I’ve had a lesson in your post and my comment, a reteaching about my surrender since being on holiday I had forgotten it and now I’m reminded.

    note: The kicking has stopped and maybe you’d like to check out this it’s nothing special, the right column is something I believe goes with thier religion.

    Are you sure you’ve failed Her?


  2. Hey There Darlin’
    Doesn’t she know her Wayne well enough by now to wake him up early and bug him for an hour so he will find the most whimsical of creatures in stone and skin, bundled together, poised and waiting for him…. At that exact moment.?
    An hour earlier. An hour later. It’s all now, isn’t it?
    I join Nathan. Are you sure you disappointed Her?

  3. Lizard and Rabbit and … ??? Bird?

    In new-agey Native American circles, Rabbit is the medicine animal for fear and Lizard for dreaming. Each animal encountered supposedly conveys both positive and negative messages of an associated characteristic. (For example, fear may be legitimate or paranoic (if that’s a word).

    The encounter or message is like a spark that touches off thinking or intuition till the recipient gains insight or resonance. But you’ve already done that.

    I enjoy hearing that your nudges from Her are so clear and insistent.

  4. Hey thanks Jo, for knowing our animal symbols and sharing. I love that the dreams bridge our fears and flights of fancy. Thank you for staying close to the earth and reminding us we are manifesting our dreams in this consciousness we walk around in.

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